i’m in a funk.  i really have no material right now.  i do have an idea for a new series, though, that i’ll be thinking over and possibly starting next week…still mulling it over.  if anyone has anything they’d like to see me write about, PLEASE feel free to comment and let me know.  i don’t want to lose any loyal fans!  😉

i was going to post some pictures from our surprise weekend, but instead i’ll just tell you to check out sarah and amy‘s blogs…

harper’s watching “the little mermaid” (i’m fastforwarding all the scary ursela parts).  it is surreal.  i feel like i was a little girl watching that movie like 5 years ago.  i cannot believe it was almost 20 years ago that i was seeing it for the first time (1989)! 

gotta go cook some sausage and wash some sheets.


4 Comments to “blah.”

  1. I think you should do an in depth blog review of our etsy stores and and your plans to start your etsy design store : )

  2. you can go to my blog and copy the survey I just did & fill the answers in for yourself 🙂

  3. oh and you can do a TOP-10 “Harper quotes”… those are always adorable to hear.

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