love, peace, and hair grease

as i was rushing through a 5 minute shower yesterday morning, in hopes of barely making it to church on time, i had a thought. it seems to me that church has turned into yet another place to get attention. i’m sure i don’t speak for everyone, but i am always very much concerned about what i look like when i walk through that door on sunday mornings. i was washing my greasy hair, thinking that i would probably be much more humble and sincere during worship if i wasn’t worried about the way i looked, or if i knew i looked terrible. my first thought walking into the sanctuary shouldn’t be, “oh i love her skirt.” all of a sudden, it hit me why nuns all dress the same.

how can we discount appearances at church – both our own and other people’s??? anyone?


3 Comments to “love, peace, and hair grease”

  1. I actually love the days that I serve cause I get to wear the blue shirt and I don’t have to worry about what to wear…so maybe everyone should just wear those shirts…although it might scare the visitors 🙂

  2. agree with kathleen on wearing the blue shirts, just so nice and easy..

  3. I love wearing something different for church–I feel more like I’m bringing “me” to worship and listen than I do when I dress for school. It is hard not to compare myself to the other girls, though, I go to a beautiful–looking church…and the girls are stylish and hip. I think the comparison thing has more to do with the competition our culture brings out in us…deep thoughts with Erin Hobbie…

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