wet blanket.

layne did great last night!!  hooray!  she went down around 7:30 and we didn’t hear a peep from her until around 4:15 a.m.  if i’d have known she was gonna sleep so good i would’ve gone to bed at like 9:00.  anyway, when i went in to see about her at 4:15, i checked on harper like i usually do…just to make sure she hasn’t wet the bed and that she’s covered up.  as i bent over to feel her, i felt her blanket on the floor at my feet.  i bent down and grabbed it and it was soaked.  “oh no,” i thought, “she wet the bed.”  but then i felt her bottom and the bed and they were dry.  she was covered up by a different blanket, one that i’d had on the end of layne’s crib to block out some light.  “what in the world?!” i thought…  i put the blanket in the laundry and then went back to bed.  i knew i’d been sleeping SOLID from 11:00 until 4:15.  i woke up ryan and asked him if he’d gotten up with harper and had she wet the bed.  he said no.  we’d had the monitor on in our room and neither one of us heard anything all night.  i laid awake for at least 30 minutes, freaked out that i’d started sleepwalking.  i couldn’t believe that i had NO recollection of hearing harper wake up, changing her sheets and pajamas…

this morning when she got up, i asked harper what happened.  apparently, her water (sippy cup) had leaked all over her blanket, so she took the initiative to QUIETLY (shocking) get out of bed, put the wet blanket on the ground, and grab the new blanket off of laynie’s crib.  all while in the dark.  wonders never ever cease.  ha!

and while i’m using this title….

am i the only one who thinks scott (the blind guy) on american idol is being humored?  he seems nice enough, and i know that he can play the piano, but the bottom line: HE’S NOT A GOOD SINGER.  i don’t feel like the judges should be easy on him because he’s blind and it really seems like that’s what’s happening.  yes, he is passionate about music and that’s obvious, but if someone else can sing better, he shouldn’t still be around just because he can play the keyboard without seeing it.  i don’t think even he would want to be kept around as a sympathy vote.  i’m dying to know what other people think about this….  am i just being a jerk?


6 Comments to “wet blanket.”

  1. 1. Harper is growing up way too quick! hah
    2. The blind guy is a TERRIBLE singer… I was infuriated that they let him through! There are multiple people that should be there before him! Last I checked, American Idol is a SINGING competition… not a “Who can play the piano if they’re blind” competition. haha No you’re not the only one thinking that way Katie- i’m totally with you! (Maybe we’re both mean… hah)

  2. I agree that the blind guy is not the best singer there (I don’t think he’s terrible, though). I think we all know that others there are better, but the thing to remember is that America has voted for him, not the judges.
    Yes, they put him through to the show, but it is the voters that decided to keep him there. If I were one of the other singers, I would be frustrated. But voters obviously care about more than just singing ability when they vote. Whether that’s fair or not, it is how the show is designed. There have been many times in the show’s history when people voted on other things than raw vocal talent (style, looks, etc.). It may not be fair, but that’ s the reality of letting the show’s outcome be decided by democratic vote. I guess that’s proof that democracy doesn’t always lead to the most educated decisions!

  3. Julie, I think my thing is that I accepted a few years ago that, yes, it is supposed to be decided by the voters, but I think the producers DEFINITELY step in if there’s someone they want to stay. I think they instruct the judges on what type of things to say, etc…

  4. I agree wholheartdly…Bob and I both were so annoyed that some really good singers were let go while others stay such as scott. I also agree that the judges say things to sway the votes! and what they said about scott was so ridiculous!!!

  5. Yeah, that’s true. The producers definitely play up all the people that have interesting stories. It annoys me how they use real people’s stories to make for good t.v. I see that especially with Danny (the guy who lost his wife). They have totally used him and his story to make the show more interesting. It does seem like whoever Simon likes gets through every time.

  6. That’s entertainment ….. supported by commercials … supported by companies … that are supported by the buying-public …

    Julie’s right … “I guess that’s proof that democracy doesn’t always lead to the most educated decisions!” … check out the economy for proof of that.

    God is in control AND thank God for that.

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