i’m out in the living room on the laptop.  both girls are still sleeping, but in seperate rooms.  layne is still waking up screaming like 3 times a night, so harper has been sleeping in our room.  she still barely fits in the pack n play but it’s always set up in there for layne’s naps anyway, so that’s where she’s been sleeping (little kids like small spaces, right?).  she’s been really good about it…i guess because she knows the only alternative is lying in her bed listening to layne scream for an hour.

i got up at 6:30 and took a shower and then went downstairs to move my car so it won’t get towed.  ahhh the joys of towncenter living.  🙂  honestly, though, this weekend it was kinda fun to live here.  there was alot going on.  on saturday there was: the green market, a cardinals game, the WIRK rough & ready man show (exactly what it sounds like), and the scripps research center grand opening celebration.  we took the big stroller for a…um…stroll over to scripps.  the festivities were apparently really for nerdy adolescents and curious retirees, but we enjoyed seeing all the new buildings nevertheless.  just curious to see what several hundred million dollars will get you.  i was trying to message some of the workers with ESP:  “come buy a condo…come buy a condo…it’s a really hip and convenient location with new wood flooring.”  we’ve been hoping for awhile that the completion of scripps would sell our house for sure, but apparently no one working there is interested.  we haven’t even had anyone come look at our place in about 6 weeks…i have no idea why we still have it on the market.  oh wait, yes i do.  because i’m sick of parking 3 blocks away and carrying $100 worth of groceries up the elevator and down a long hallway with 2 kids in tow.

ANYWAY…i decided in the middle of saturday that i wasn’t going to touch the computer yesterday (sunday).  it was nice.  it was actually alot harder than i’d thought it would be.  i was telling ryan last night that throughout the day i’d thought about turning on the computer at least once every 15 minutes….it got a little better toward the end of the day, but after the kids were in bed it was really hard to stay away.  i guess i just feel the need to seperate sunday a little bit..i don’t think that my sundays are in the least bit holy yet, but leaving the computer off did help me keep my mind on things i’d heard at church and it freed me a little to just relax and not worry about who sent me a message on facebook or how many e-mails were in my inbox.  it’s a start.

i need to run make my grocery list.  happy monday everyone!


One Comment to “ketchup.”

  1. Just thought I’d let you know if you ever want me to keep the girls for you while you get groceries, I would be more than happy to. Please don’t hesitate to ask. Have a good day!

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