ryan michael

found this while wandering in blog land.  my hubby reads my blog every day so i thought i’d give him some love.

How did we meet: freshman year at PBA…when soccer season was over, he started hanging out with some guys that my group of girls had been hanging out with for a few months.  i had a crush on him for a few months before i figured out that he had any interest in me.

How long we dated before we got married: we celebrated our 4 year dating anniversary a month before we got married.  we were engaged for 6 months.

How long we have been married:  last august was our 6 year anniversary, so… 6 1/2 years.

What is my favorite feature about him:  he has a very ruggedly handsome face and i love his legs and his butt (i know you’ll want to look next time you see him, but try to control yourself.)

What is my favorite quality about him:  probably my favorite thing about him is just that he is my husband.  🙂  i know that sounds like i’m blowing off the question, but i’m totally not.  i seriously don’t know what i would do or who i’d be if we weren’t together.

What is his nickname: hobie

What is his favorite color: i don’t think he has one, but he’s probably drawn to blue.

What is his favorite food: pizza or a cheeseburger with Dr. Pepper

What is his favorite sport: To play…soccer   To watch..European soccer or NFL football 

Who said the “L” word first: we sort of both said it at the same time…we were in the Barnes & Noble parking lot and The Last of the Mohicans soundtrack was playing (it is awesome)

First kiss and where:  this is embarrassing to admit because i know my mother-in-law reads this blog, but our first kiss was on ryan’s parents’ couch.  🙂  july 18, 1998 

Favorite “couple thing” to do: we always have alot of fun when we go on trips together, but since we had kids, we’ve only had one trip just the two of us.  this is nerdy, but we love to go to barnes & noble and just wander around…we ususally both end up in the magazine section.  we hardly ever get to do this anymore.  we also love to do normal couple stuff like watch movies and go out to eat.

How many kids: 2 girls – harper ann, born 4/27/06 and layne katharine, born 7/15/08

Hidden Talent: he’s pretty good at laughing like a schoolgirl

Favorite Music:  he has GREAT taste in music.  likes pretty much everything except hard metal or techno.  alot of his favorites have rubbed off on me, so that’s cool.

What I admire most about him: he is extremely smart and creative (and modest about both).  he has a very strong faith and a solid witness in a very secular workplace.  he is a fantastic daddy and goes out of his way to make one-on-one time a priority with the girls.

Favorite past time: he loves surfing and soccer, but if it’s an “everyday” kind of past-time, than i’d probably just say watching TV or playing video games

Will he read this: yup.  he reads me on his blackberry pretty much every night.  (hi baby.)

now i’m tagging TinaKathleen, and Alyssa to do it too.


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  1. umm you might want to check Layne’s birthday… you go it wrong!

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