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so this morning as i was making pancakes i accidentally scooted a small one off the edge of the griddle when i was trying to flip it.  it scooted into the other burner…fell between the part that gets hot and the “bowl”.  so, when i was doing the dishes, i took the burner off, took the bowl out and cleaned both parts.  this, of course, made me want to clean all of them.  so i did.  i was thinking that unless there’d been a major spill, i don’t think i’d cleaned that set of burner bowls since i got them probably over a year ago.  is that normal?  it got me feeling insecure about my cleaning habits (or lack of), so…

i would like to ask [all 4 of] my readers to PLEASE  comment and answer the following questions (just put the question number and your answers in the comment).  i know that there are several people who read my blog regularly and never leave comments, so if there was ever a time to make yourself known, that time is now.  i need your input.  i’m really curious about how often other people do these sort of things:

1) how often do you clean your burner bowls?

2) oven?  do you actually get in it and clean it or use the automatic setting?

3) how often do you clean the front of your kitchen cabinets?

4) wipe down the outside of the trashcan?

5) clean the inside of your refrigerator?

6) clean the inside of your freezer?

7) how often do you deep clean your bathroom?  (deep clean as in scrub the tile and mop the floor along with the normal stuff)

8 ) how many times a week do you vaccum/sweep/swiffer?

9) how often do you dust?

10) do you feel like your cleaning habits are pretty normal, below average, or that you’re a little bit OCD?


14 Comments to “cleaning questions”

  1. 1. Not often enough-maybe twice a year, but they really need to be replaced
    2. Never! I’m too afraid of the automatic cleaning (I actually don’t know how to do it). I have scraped off some spills from the bottom, but that’s it.
    3. I actually do this fairly often-because they’re white, they show everything
    4. maybe 3-4 times a year. I do spray lysol in it just the make myself feel like I’m “cleaning” it
    5. Not often at all! Bob did it a couple months ago, and it was needed. I don’t really let anything spill in it though.
    6. Do you mean, defrost it and everything? Never. That is way too much work, and it doesn’t seem to be dirty anyway
    7. I mop it maybe 3 times a month-we don’t have tile, just fake wood flooring
    8. probably 2-3 times a week. I cannot stand dirty floors, so I vacuum every other day
    9. once a week
    10. I think I am pretty normal-I prefer to clean a little everyday, so it never really gets disgusting. There are certain things that I just don’t do often because they’re too much work (wiping all the baseboards, vacuuming underneath furniture, etc). I think sometimes I can have OCD-like when we’re at the BFR and there’s so much clutter and the floors get so yucky. I really get a little crazy with clutter. When I’m at your parent’s house, I have to really fight the urge to vacuum (I’m not used to all the dog hair)

  2. you need Kasey Ainsley to comment on this… 🙂

  3. 1. Whenever they look dirty
    2. Never have cleaned an oven…is that gross?
    3.If they look dirty or filmy
    4. When something gets spilt on it…but I do put baking soda inside it frequently and then wash it out.
    5. Only when something spills inside or shelves feel sticky
    6. Never have cleaned a freezer…Well I defrosted one in college does that count?
    7. I do a good clean in the bathroom once a month or so..My hair gets everywhere and its long so its super gross to me…My bathroom is little tiles and annoying to clean…I would like to clean it much more then that…But I’m kinda weird about bathrooms..toilet, shower, and sink at least once a week..
    8. The kitchen when its feels grimy on the bottom of my feet and vacuum /swiffer when can see my hair on the floor
    9. Not very often
    10. Normal except for the bathroom

  4. 1-9 when ryan gets to it… 🙂
    10 below average

  5. I am totally answering these on my blog…thanks for the material 🙂

  6. 1) Thank goodness I don’t have burner bowls… b/c I probably wouldn’t clean them.

    2) I’ve only done this twice (and we’ve lived here just under a year)… I use the auto setting.

    3) ummm never… haha Ours our dark wood colored- and they never look dirty.

    4) I Wipe the outside of the trashcan when I mop (maybe once every week… or two)

    5) I’m always throwing old stuff out of the fridge… and probably once every month i wipe out the shelves

    6) Never

    7) Scrubbing the floors is once a month-ish. But we clean the sink/toilet weekly

    8 ) Swiffering and Vacuuming happens a LOT at our house due to Bishop (and now Sadie)… I can’t stand having dog hair everywhere. Probably Every 2 days

    9) Once a Week

    10) Normal to OCD… haha

  7. making myself known…

    1) how often do you clean your burner bowls? about 2x a year, but ours are black so they don’t show much… I also have decided that if they don’t easily rinse off, I’m just going to buy new ones… $25 is worth my sanity.

    2) oven? do you actually get in it and clean it or use the automatic setting?
    My oven is old (installed when the house was built in ’92) and it’s ugly. We’ve lived here for four years and for the first three of those years I had it on my to-do list. My first day back at work after Meghan was born, I came home to a cleaned oven… i.e. Glenn cleaned it. Though in my defense, I will say it is tough to have a clean oven when you are pregnant for 20 out of 29months (didn’t want to expose the kids to the cleaners).

    3) how often do you clean the front of your kitchen cabinets?
    Whenever I do a real, non-swiffer mopping of the floors or when I spill something on it (or Meghan spews on it); probably once every 2-3mo.

    4) wipe down the outside of the trashcan?
    Again, whenever I do a real mopping, when it looks filthy, or I see it in the sunlight (it looks so much dirtier than in the indoor lighting); once every couple of weeks.

    5) clean the inside of your refrigerator?
    Whenever it gets empty or the milk crust is just too nasty; every 3-4 wks.

    6) clean the inside of your freezer?
    We’ve lived here 4yrs and i’ve probably done it twice and that was only b/c it was so empty i could actually see the dirt.

    7) how often do you deep clean your bathroom? (deep clean as in scrub the tile and mop the floor along with the normal stuff).
    We have a molded tub that I scrub once every couple of months; i feel gross saying that, but we do the lysol wipes pretty often and I mop the floor every other week.

    8 ) how many times a week do you vaccum/sweep/swiffer?
    I sweep 1-2x/day (dogs and kids make that a necessity). I swiffer every couple of days. I get down and do a “hands and knees” deep cleaning with a bucket of water about every other month. I vacuum the bedrooms about every other week, but I hate my vacuum (it stinks up the room and I have to spray febreeze over the whole carpet to make it smell decent) so i’m never motivated to do it. Additionally, the dogs have chewed up the carpet in our bedroom (an area about 1ftx5ft) and our carpet is so dirty from them, that I get no satisfaction when it is vacuumed… excuses I guess.

    9) how often do you dust?
    Every 1-2 wks… I really like the way the living room furniture looks dusted. It makes the whole house feel clean… it’s a quick fix when the rest of the house feels filthy.

    10) do you feel like your cleaning habits are pretty normal, below average, or that you’re a little bit OCD?
    I’m probably a bit OCD with some things, but absolutely not with others. I hate cleaning bathrooms and I hate my bathrooms (they’re outdated and don’t look clean after hours of work), so that is less motivation to clean them. I’m definitely OCD about organizing (just ask Glenn), but with kids, being OCD about cleaning is almost unreasonable. I have too much to do and it doesn’t stay clean for any length of time.

    ***Some irony to end this ridiculously long comment; I have a long list of cleaning that I should be doing right now, but instead I’ve wasted 15min telling people I don’t know (except Katie of course) my deep, dark secrets. I’m off to do some dishes.

  8. One more unsolicited opinion… buy frozen pancakes. It would have saved you from the whole mess/clean burner question in the first place… you wouldn’t even know you had dirty burner pans; oh, the freedom! I’ve decided i’m not wasting my energy (even if they could taste better) on all of those dishes that early in the morning. We make too many dishes throughout the rest of the day for me to worry about cleaning up batter, measuring cups, the pan, etc. I’m done with freshly made pancakes. That’s my two cents anyway…

  9. 1) What are burner bowls? LOL… jk Just once since we’ve lived here, mabe I should do that today in my quest to clean the downstairs

    2) Once since we lived here and I scrubbed it. It usually needs it whenever louie is trying to cook something.

    3) Only if it looks like the need it

    4) Again, only if it looks like it needs it… probably should do that today too

    5) Prob. 5 times since we have lived here

    6) Never

    7) I don’t, but when my cousin cleans for me she does.

    8 ) when we first moved here I swiffered everyday. I’m super lazy now and am lucky if i get around to it once a week.

    9) Once a week, but i’m bad about dusting our bedroom. Trey did it for my yesterday

    10) WAY BELOW AVERAGE and my mom isn’t afraid to tell me so lol

    I’m a little embarrassed having answered these honestly. PLease don’t judge me hehe

  10. 1) Two maybe three times a year; unless a major accident requires sooner.

    2) We paid for the auto clean, so I say use it.

    3) Once a year before Thanksgivings and as may be needed because company is sloppy.

    4) The inside gets it twice a week and the outside every other day ….. NOT. the real answer is NEVER….

    5) Probably once a year, or as needed after Camp PaPaNan activities.

    6) Defrost once a year

    7) Once a month, ok, maybe twice a month…

    8 ) Once, or more if important company is coming over.

    9) Once a month

    These answers are provided on behave of NaNa and may or may not be correct … BUT, they are close enough for your Blogisphere

  11. 1. when they need it
    2. the only time I have ever cleaned an oven is when we moved out of our last house (we lived there for 5 years)
    3. usually once a week – but not a thorough cleaning, just around the handles
    4. every time I empty the trash
    5. maybe every few months but just wiping off the shelves
    6. I don’t think I have ever done this
    7. once a week
    8. vaccuum/mop once a week (I sweep the hard wood every other day b/c of dog hair)
    9. once a week
    10. I think I am a little OCD

  12. wow..have you ever gotten lots of comments on this…here’s another-
    1.when I had bowls, it was often ’cause something was always boiling over – new stove has glass top…yea! I love it.
    2. of the 6 houses that we lived in only one had a working self-clean feature & I loved it….usually after Thanksgiving/Christmas due to pie messes. avoided on the old stove in this house ’cause I hoped I’d get a newer one.
    3. use to clean them when I would talk with my sister, Jan, when she was in the nursing home…figured that was an easy-to-do while on the phone – so they’ve not been cleaned for a while.
    4. infrequently – it’s under the sink
    5. doing it more often since we had the electricity go out a few days before Layne was born & no one was here to notice that the stuff inside was going bad….cleaned it bi-weekly until I got the smell out. Baking soda solution works great and pans of baking soda in both freezer/refrig are great for getting the smell out…just keep at it & soon the smell is gone! I do it monthly now ’cause I’m so thankful to have good smell from my frig vs. the awful stink of rotting food.
    6. see #5
    7. maybe monthly – I do touch up ongoing
    8. weekly vaccum/sweep/mop…don’t have little ones in the house & that makes a world of difference.
    9. every other week if I’m lucky
    10 I love a clean house but I find all kinds of other things to do before I clean…seems like life is too short to be a slave to the house

  13. thanks so much everyone for your answers. i’m not feeling quite as bad about myself as i was before. also, it’s just really interesting to know these things about you all.

  14. um so how bad does this make me look… i went to clean my burner bowls today and realized I have a flat top! wow!!! i think this just confirms that I move way too often!

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