garbage perfume

when i go to take out the trash, i have to walk down down the hall, open a door and then open a chute.  when you open the chute, it creates a reverse vaccum that blows the dumpster room air into your face.  sometimes it’s not that bad, but today….well…about 20 minutes after i took the trash out this morning, i noticed that i still smelled trash.  it took me about 10 seconds to realize that it was my shirt and my hair. 

gross.  gag me with a friggin spoon.  it’s a shame that i barely have time every day for one shower…let alone a second one 2 hours later.

in other building 1203 news, ryan’s snowboard bag was returned today.  we are so thankful.  it was pretty weird, though…the guy knocked on the door and then was super flippant about it.  obviously, as soon as i opened the door and saw the big bag, i freaked out and said, “oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”  he explained that his buddy had shown him our flier (ryan put them in the elevator and on everyone’s door) and he wanted to return it.  the way he explained it made it sound like the bag was just strewn in the middle of the hallway and it was purposely left there or something.  if it had been left down in front of the elevator, i could understand him thinking no one wanted it, but it was against the wall next to our door.  the guy lives across the hall and one door down.  i told ryan i’m assuming he was drunk when he took it.  to me, that’s the only explanation that would merit his bringing it back (or his taking it between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.).  who cares.  we’re just glad he returned it…a snowboard, snowboard boots, some really expensive BORROWED bindings, ryan’s snow coat and pants, and some dirty clothes (all in a really nice board bag).

gotta run.  the girls are in seperate rooms taking turns crying for no reason.  i so hate how vacations or other variations in daily life wreak havoc on any formerly conquered routine.  layne sounds like someone is pulling off her fingernails.  sheesh.


5 Comments to “garbage perfume”

  1. this made me laugh. i love you.

  2. eww on the trash chute.. but glad to hear that snowboard bag was returned!

  3. glad the goods were found/returned! oh, the fun of readjusting to “regular” life!

  4. Sounds like you need a real vacation … like a 10-day cruise with no babies, lots of sun and some fun.

    Has Harper told you how much she misses Poppy or Nana yet? We sure miss her …..

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