traveling woes

things that went wrong on our trip to colorado:

  • i forgot our toiletries.  so annoying.
  • our flight was delayed out of west palm.
  • the button broke on the stroller that you push to fold it down.
  • we missed our connecting flight in atlanta.
  • we were “kidnapped” by a shady hotel van driver.  (see previous posts)
  • we had to pay for our condo on a night that we weren’t even there and had to pay for a hotel room on top of that.
  • finni (the groom) had a severe virus so he couldn’t participate in the bachelor party (snowmobiling trip).
  • i got sick and my voice turned into an embarrassing husky growl.
  • layne got sick and slept worse than normal (which is bad) in a room we were sharing with 3 other people.
  • ryan’s blackberry fell out of his pocket while he was on the slopes.
  • i had a breakdown between the wedding and the reception…or…sort-of at the reception.  i was tired, didn’t feel good, and having layne around was stressing me out really bad.  once i started crying i couldn’t stop because i was so humiliated.  it took me about 45 minutes to get myself composed enough to sit at the bridal party table and eat.  ugh.  i’ll be embarrassed for a long time (this was the one time i was glad my voice sounded horrible so that people had proof i didn’t feel well).
  • on the way home, layne had an especially hard time on the planes.  she was exhausted and fighting sleep and her ears were obviously KILLING her.  luckily she finally gave in to sleep and ryan and i had an hour to “relax”.
  • we got home around 1:00 a.m. last night.  when we woke up around 8:30 this morning, we realized that we’d accidentally left ryan’s snowboard bag just outside our door in the hall.  when he went to get it, IT WAS GONE.  we talked to maintenance and they hadn’t seen it.  someone stole it.  who would do that?!  so much for calling the people who live near us our “neighbors”.

why none of those things matter:

  • going without things for a few days makes it all the more GREAT when you get them back.  my shower this morning with apricot scrub and a body puff was heaven.
  • ryan fixed the stroller with a screwdriver he bought at a convenience store.  [this was when he walked a MILE from our hotel to get diapers for layne because we’d only brought enough to last 1 day…hadn’t counted on getting stranded in atl.  what a dedicated daddy!]
  • the whole kidnapping thing was an adventure and we laughed about it the whole rest of the trip.
  • the wedding was great.  sweet ceremony.  fun reception.  (it’d been a LONG time coming…that made it all the more special for the couple and everyone there to witness it.)
  • a guy named brian found ryan’s phone at copper (in the snow!) and called several numbers on it to try to track him down.  some of our friends (mike and tina) stayed an extra day, so they’re bringing it home with them tonight.  isn’t that crazy?!
  • the weather was fantastic.  even though i didn’t get to participate in any winter “activities”, it was just nice to be in the mountains surrounded by amazing views and snow and blue sky.  the cold weather is so refreshing and i miss it already (NOT that i want to live in it).

we pick up harper tonight!  i can’t wait to see her!!


One Comment to “traveling woes”

  1. That post was like watching a TV show it wasn’t sounding good, it kept getting gradually worse, I starting getting worried about how it would end but then it had a happy ending **sigh** Man your post have had so much adventure lately!!

    ps. I know I’m nuts 🙂

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