long strange trip, continued…

okay so we’re in a van packed FULL of people headed to who-knows-where.  surprise, surprise, jerry drove us to his hotel.  when we got to the hotel, we got out of the van popped out as soon as the doors we were leaning against opened.  we all kind of looked at each other like, “okay, what do we do now?”  several people casually mentioned to jerry that this was not the ramada inn.  jerry replied many many times by saying that he was doing us a favor.  it’s all sort of a blur now, but the next 20 minutes were highlighted by these happenings:

  • none of the 3 ladies behind the counter (one of whom jerry was referring to as “mom”) seemed the least bit surprised at how many people exited the van, or at how annoyed we clearly were.  hmmm….
  • jerry had promised us that his hotel would give us the same rate as the ramada.  this meant that they had to accept the vouchers from delta.  until he was guaranteed the same rate, one of the guys in our party decided to take the keys to the van out of the ignition and hold onto them.
  • somehow jerry found out that the keys were in our possession and decided to call the cops.  the whole time he was stomping around talking about how he was gonna keep it professional, but that we’d better watch ourselves.  several of us had gotten in his face by this time, trying to explain that what he’d done was very dishonest and not professional and basically just shady.  apparently his brain was only using the few screws that were loose.
  • a cop showed up.  we tried to calmly explain what had happened and for some reason he didn’t look the least bit surprised…i’m wondering now if he gets cut of their profits by not turning them in or arresting jerry.  the cop informed ______ that he should be taken to jail for taking the keys out of the van.  luckily, a few of the other guys are very calm and level-headed, even at 1 in the morning.  they talked our way out.
  • out the door, actually.  we walked across the street to another hotel.
  • i am so annoyed that we didn’t have a camera crew with us because video documentation is the only type of story-telling that could do this experience justice when it comes to the re-telling of it.  it was one of the weirdest, most random things that has ever happened to me.

we slept for 6 hours in the hotel across the street and then caught our plane on time to denver at 12:30.  we’d been re-booked into first class!  it wasn’t the fanciest ever…no personal tv’s or anything, but layne slept on me for 2 hours, and i know that that wouldn’t have happened if we’d been in coach.

we’re hanging out in the condo right now, getting ready for the rehearsal/out-of-town guests dinner.  the girls went to a bridal lunch in breckenridge this afternoon.  the guys went snowmobiling and had a great time, except for matt, the groom who has a horrible virus and has been in bed for 2 days.  poor guy.

so, has anyone else ever experienced some weird hotel swindling thing like we did?  we all have been saying that it was totally something we would’ve expected to happen in the bahamas or something, but weird to see it happen in america…


11 Comments to “long strange trip, continued…”

  1. OMG!!!! that was hilarious! so wish i could have been there for that!

  2. ok, that is crazy. it really is sad that it wasn’t part of some reality show/airline documentary.

  3. I really think you should contact one of the news stations in Atlanta… one of those “uncovering the conspiracy” kind of reporters so that they can get Jerry out of business and his hotel. I can’t even tell you the words that would have been going through my head (and hopefully not coming out of my mouth). Glad you survived!

  4. Glenn thinks you should contact the Ramada Inn and Delta and see if they will take action against your “friend” Jerry.

  5. Katie, to a mom that sounds scary….

  6. Holy Crap! I can’t believe that!! Seriously I’m in shock…

  7. Ok…this is hilarious…ONLY because now we know you are all ok! I can’t even imagine! you spoke of no video cameras…doesn’t your fancy new camera from ryan have a digital recorder on it 😉 🙂 glad all are ok…will you be at mom’s group tuesday?

  8. 6 hours of sleep… i wish! haha Mike and I only got 3 b/c of our early flight! haha That night was seriously INSANE! My favorite was how Jerry’s response to everything was, “Ya’ll is gonna be fine! You’s in a three staahhh HOTELL ya’ll! You fine. You fine. Calm Down! This is a three STAAHHH HOTEL!” Oh the memories we made… 🙂

  9. funny that you kept incriminating actions anonymous 😉

  10. that last post was me.. sorry you were still logged in on my computer…

  11. Actually, Jerry kidnapped you all and should have been arrested for it.

    I know, I’ve had similar experiences working on the road while you were busy growing into the terrific mother, wife and daughter your are today.

    Love you girl

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