long strange trip

we left home around 4 pm yesterday heading for copper mountain, colorado. it seems like that was a week ago. our route to denver included a connection in atlanta. for most of the day yesterday atlanta was experiencing some severe weather. our plane sat at the gate for awhile and then we sat on the runway for awhile after boarding. we were supposed to have arrived around 8 pm and have 40 minutes to make our connection. we didn’t leave west palm until almost 9:30. needless to say, we didn’t make the flight to denver. we accepted the fact that we were stuck in atlanta and luckily two of the gracious guys in our group took it upon themselves to not only rebook us a flight for the next day, but also get us vouchers for rooms at the ramada inn. we were tired, but satisfied with the results of what we thought had already been an eventful night.
we headed with the stampede of people down to the hotel shuttles (95% of said people were in the same boat we were – late, tired – and were NOT happy about it…they were using choice words to express it). when we found the shuttle for the ramada, there was a long line, but we were all willing to wait it out. just when we were accepting the fact that the wait would be awhile, in swoops jerry to rescue us. jerry’s 12 passenger van was parked in the slot next to the ramada shuttle. it had the name of another hotel on the side, but jerry assured us repeatedly that he didn’t mind driving us to the ramada. he was gentlemanly enough to say that women and children could get on first. i stepped up to the van, opened the doors wide and realized that there were no seats left. i said, half to myself and half to the already loaded passengers, “where does he expect me to sit?” there were 10 people in our group. i’m still not sure why or how we all stuffed ourselves into that van. jerry had us convinced that he was taking us where we wanted to go and he would get us there much faster than anyone else. there were 22 people in the van, 6 of whom were crammed into the cargo area. good thing none of us had our luggage. just as i was breathing a sigh of relief that jerry passed the entrance to I-285, he started talking about how nice HIS hotel was…3 stars, italian restaurant, bar, same rates as the ramada. i looked back at ryan, crammed onto the wheel well, and said, “this guy is NOT taking us to the ramada.”

to be continued…


6 Comments to “long strange trip”

  1. AH…i’m in suspense….

  2. ooo cliff hanger, I like it!!!!
    Miss you Sissy!

  3. Oh man…can’t wait for the rest of this. How did Laynie do?

  4. So, where is sweet Layne, during all of this ??

    • layne was with us. i was carrying her most of the time and she actually did GREAT. she was stoked because she hates to sleep so she was loving being able to be awake for 4 hours straight in the middle of the night. she slept pretty good on both flights.

  5. Laynie was the quietest out of everyone haha we were all more worked up than her! 🙂

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