i’m back…

but not for long.
right now i’m on the couch watching Friday Night Lights on dvr (how is this not one of the most popular shows on TV?! it is so GREAT) trying to get through my inbox (72 new e-mails!! blech). i was in gainesville helping my sister move into her new beautiful house…packing, painting, unpacking, and celebrating my niece’s 4th birthday somewhere in the middle of it all. my internet indulgence was checking my e-mail on my brother’s iPhone one night for all of 20 minutes. it was kind of nice to be unplugged, but i just feel like i have alot to catch up on (e-mail, blogs, etc). we leave tomorrow evening for a good friend’s wedding colorado. i left harper at my sister’s for the week. layne and i got back last night after quite the trip home [I-75 was a nightmare yesterday…they closed a big section of it. there were three accidents and apparently some lady jumped off an overpass. ew. thus, we sat in traffic for TWO HOURS. no exxageration. i had layne in the front seat with me for an hour. it took us that long to go the distance between 2 exits.] today is: laundry, re-packing, haircut, library, and searching for something to wear to this wedding (i’m clueless about dress-up clothes for cold weather).

i hope you all enjoyed my husband’s guest post. 🙂 i called him desperate one night begging him to at least post the reason why my blog hadn’t changed in 3 days. he did a good job, but i was annoyed that he didn’t identify himself. i’m sure he was flustered at the thought of SO MANY people reading his words that he forgot to sign his name.

anyway, julie just told her parents she got a tatoo and jason street’s back, so i gotta run. happy tuesday!


4 Comments to “i’m back…”

  1. wow! matt and angela’s wedding is this weekend?! crazy!!! have fun!!

  2. I’ve missed you on the internet : )

  3. glad you made it back safe and sound:)

  4. Ok…so Russell and I watched FNL when it was on way back when…we wondered where it went also. I was oh-so-excited when I found it on channel 101 which was only for Direct TV people…so I DVR’d it and watched all episodes. THEN found out they were bringing it back and was EVEN MORE EXCITED…nope…just replaying what I’ve already seen…want me to tell you what happens….;)

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