kids say the darndest things.

wanted to share a few funny stories before i attack this mess i call home (if you’re thinking, “she always says her house is a mess.  is it always a  mess?”  then the answer is…pretty much.  although it’s usually pretty tidy between the hours of 5:00 pm and 7:00 am.):

my friend cathleen told me a hilarious story the other night (this one not that one).  she’s an elementary art teacher.  picture this:  she’s standing in the hall and is watching a line of kindegarteners walk by.  one of the boys is struggling desperately to keep his pants up.  it’s not going well.  he is visibly frustrated.  as he walks by cathleen he looks up, pauses, and says, “i know!  you can draw me a belt!”

harper has a pretty advanced vocabulary.  however, she does use some word substitutions that are pretty cute.  she always says pasketti instead of spaghetti (why is it that no kid can pronounce that correctly until they’re like 10?).  she spins around and says, “whoa mommy i’m getting busy!”  i’m annoyed because there’s one more that i’ve heard alot out of her recently and i can’t remember it now…

on friday night ryan was out of town so i decided to meet up with some friends at chick-fil-a for dinner.  i left the house allowing just enough time to “run” into target (i use the term “run” very loosely).  shopping is alot easier now that laynie can sit up in the cart (and she loves it!) but it’s a pain because harper either has to walk next to me (YEAH RIGHT) or sit in the back of the cart (which she loves, but it isn’t that safe), or i have to push one of these: 

shopping-cartso we ended up with the third option just because i knew we’d be in and out and i planned to keep the cart moving and figured she wouldn’t think to jump off of a moving cart.  i was right.  she didn’t jump off until we got to the checkout.  while i was paying i asked her nicely 3 or 4 times to get back on the cart, to which she proceeded to reply, “stop pestering me!”  i couldn’t help but laugh even though she probably could’ve used a spanking about that time.  not only is it a funny thing for an almost three-year-old to say, but i had NO clue where she could’ve heard it.  yesterday i was in her room putting clothes away while she was listening to this book on CD.  at one point in the book when the mother is trying to talk on the phone and her daughter won’t leave her alone, the mother says, “stop pestering me!”  i still think it’s hilarious that the first time harper said it she used it perfectly in context and correct pronounciation.


One Comment to “kids say the darndest things.”

  1. it was one of the funniest moments of my teaching career : )

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