warm fuzzies.

our new schedule is still taking some getting used to.  i’ve started putting layne down around 10:00, so if i’m going to run any errands before harper’s nap (and layne’s second nap) we don’t usually leave the house until about 11:30.  this has put a wrench in our old lunch routine, but i’ve been making it work (you’d be surprised how long two of those kids’ vitamins can hold off hunger).  today i needed to run to costco.  i figured we’d make our way to every sample table in the place and then possibly get a hot dog or piece of pizza on the way out.  i don’t know if there was a bingo game going on in the break room or what, but there were all of 3 sampler stations in the whole store…pretty disappointing.  needless to say, the samples of potato chips, smoothie, and lamb shanks (which harper vehemently turned down) didn’t do the trick as far as lunch was concerned.  harper quietly mentioned loudly whined to me at least 6 times while we were in line that she was a little hungry about to start chewing on her shoe.  we finally got through the line and got up to the food counter.  i placed my order and the guy said, “that’ll be $1.60, ma’am.”  [we’ve known about/loved this for years, but every time i get it i still can’t believe it: SODA AND A HOT DOG FOR $1.60!!]  so i open my wallet and notice that i have no cash (what’s new) and pull out my credit card.  he tells me that they only take cash at the same time i remember that they only take cash.  UGH.  he then tells me that i can wait in line again at a register and they can ring it up there if i need to pay with a credit card.  i don’t know how long i stood there, but have ya’ll ever seen that visa debit card commercial where everyone is moving along in sort of a dance paying so gracefully with their credit cards and then someone steps up to write a check?  well, that’s how i felt.  i’m sure they weren’t, but i felt like everyone was staring at me and each second felt like 10.  just as i told the guy, “i’m sorry, i’m not going to buy it,” the man next to me slapped $2 down on the counter!  i tried to protest, but he said, “no, you take it.  i have two kids of my own…i know how it is.”  i almost started to cry.  i knew everyone was still staring at me and waiting for me to pick up the hot dog and the cup and MOVE, but i wanted to give that total stranger a big bear hug right then and there.  i didn’t see him again.  i spent the next 10 minutes feeding the girls and trying to figure out what i could’ve done to thank him properly.  isn’t is frustrating when you feel like words just aren’t enough?  at least he took back his change.



5 Comments to “warm fuzzies.”

  1. HA! I went there today and was also disappointed by the free samples, although I must have gone a little later than you cause they did have toquoitos (sp?) 🙂

  2. that is so funny!!! I am laughing that you described the man to thank him!

  3. How neat! Sounds like a “pay-it-forward” is in order!

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