takin’ it easy

both of my girls have snotty noses so we’re staying quiet at home today (and yesterday).  harper and i are watching Mary Poppins.  one of my friends did this on facebook, so i’m doing it here.

1. What is your favorite thing about where you live?  the beach being so close

2. What do you get the most compliments on?  this is a weird question.  i guess i would need to know who the compliments were coming from. 

3. When did you know you were in love with your husband?  probably about 3 months into our relationship (although we didn’t say so until about 6 months…December ’98)

4. If you could be just like someone you know, who would it be?  Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way.  🙂  no, honestly, i would probably be myself just with some borrowed characteristics from different people

5. Why?  i’m pretty content with the person God made me, but i definitely need help in the areas of patience, discipline, and fear of failure

6. Who do you know that you dont want to be anything like?  i hope no one would ever really answer this honestly.  i don’t know her, but i’ll say paris hilton.

7. If you were back in time 10 years what would you be most shocked about in your life now?  my life is seriously pretty darn close to what i’d hoped it would be.  i guess the whole photography thing would surprise me…or maybe that we still live in so. florida

8. What would you be most sad about?  probably my Mom and Neal’s divorce

9. How would the people that know you best describe you?  dead-pan honest (to a fault), creative, laid-back, scatter-brained

10. What makes you laugh the hardest?  harper is pretty stinkin hilarious.  she makes me laugh out loud at least once a day.  wipeout is pretty funny…  my husband loves to watch prank tv shows (ex: howie do it, candid camera).  he laughs hysterically like a little girl and, even though i might think the show is stupid, i can’t help but laugh at him…

11. What can put you in a bad mood faster than anything else?  harper pooping in her pants

12. What flaw have you recently been working on?  laziness…i figured out that one of the reasons my house was such a job to clean up at the end of the day is because i let it go to crap throughout the day.  i’m trying really hard to pick up several times a day and do the dishes/counters right after each meal.  sounds simple enough, but i’ve been leaving everything until right before i fix dinner and i never get it all done and then feel super overwhelmed after the girls are in bed.

13. describe a perfect day: this is a funny question.  my perfect day would probably on a cruiseship in pleasant weather so i wouldn’t be sweaty or cold, all my meals would be all-you-can-eat and delicious, and i could just laze around all day and have no obligations whatsoever.  if my kids had to be there, fine, but the perfect day would probably only include them at times when they were only being cute and quiet.  🙂

14. what is your favorite holiday:  probably thanksgiving…it’s pretty much the only one that doesn’t include giving gifts

15. are you a morning or night person:  usually i’m a night owl, but these days i’m honestly neither…i get tired around 7:45 at night

16. what character trait do you respect most in a person:  Godliness…it’s the trait i lack the most

17 favorite restaurant:  Outback because it’s delicious but won’t break the bank (bloomin’ onion, salad, and bread, and then an outback special with a side of cheese fries!)

almost forgot!  i’m tagging tina, alyssa, kathleen, amy, and d&b!!


2 Comments to “takin’ it easy”

  1. Are you saying that you don’t think you will be living in so. florida in 10 years??

    • no kathleen, i definitely hope we’re still at least somewhere in florida in 10 years…i just know that in college i really didn’t see myself staying in florida after we got married.

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