not lobstering

my husband is in the Keys this weekend with some friends.  they’re camping and hoping to catch some lobster.  i don’t necessarily enjoy being home alone with the girls for the weekend, but i don’t like lobster and don’t really prefer 4 hour car trips with 2 kids and camping with no power.  the girls and i are leaving on wednesday for a week in gainesville at my sister’s and then i’ll be back on the following tuesday for less than 24 hours before we leave for a good friend’s wedding in colorado.  so, pretty much anything i’d like to get done around here before february 24th has to get done in the next 4 days.  here’s my list:

  • exchange layne’s stuffed dog (through the mail)
  • finish tessa editing
  • make tessa cd
  • update layne’s first year frame
  • pack for harper
  • pack for layne
  • pack for me
  • design for the ccj spring ladies luncheon
  • design for cathleen’s etsy store banner
  • clean our bathroom
  • organize/clean my closet
  • make/mail schopmeyer cd
  • make/mail christmas picture cd for my m.i.l.
  • haircut
  • mop kitchen floor

4 Comments to “not lobstering”

  1. making-mailing the picture cd for you mil can wait …your plate is full. I’ll enjoy the pics whenever they arrive. Hope your week is good at Nat’s….I loved the New Years Card!!

  2. I know I have said this before but I can’t believe you don’t like lobster…it’s just a shame (I am shaking my head right now) But I am totally with you on the camping with no power, NO THANK YOU!

  3. I’m very excited to have made your to do list! : )

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