if you have kids, especially kids who like books, use this one as an excuse to look at some really cool art.  we got it at the library last week in a book-on-cd kit and the illustrations are SO COOL.  the story is cute, too, but i cannot stop looking at the pictures. (While Mama Had a Quick Little Chat by Amy Reichert)

anyone have any other unique kids’ books to recommend?  i’m not impressed by some of the old favorites (i.e. Goodnight Moon, Love Me Forever).  harper is into dr. seuss lately and i am, however, still impressed with those.  all of them.


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  1. I think the book bubble gum bubble gum is a cute book. I actually have one that I have wanted to give to harper…

  2. Grace’s new favorites are Pinkalicious (Kann), the Fancy Nancy books, and the Bear books (Bear Snores On, Bear Feels Scared, Bear Feels Sick).

    Grace likes Goodnight Moon for the repitition (I always leave out words and she fills them in) and for picking out the mouse on each page.

    Pinkalicious is cute for the repitition too and Grace has started getting into wearing pink because of it (which I think is so cute).

    Those are our new favorites. She also loves the Curious George books (our Walmart has little $3 books), especially if they’re related to something we’ve done (like george goes to the Aquarium and George goes to the beach).

    I get tired reading Dr. Seuss… I guess that’s why Grace doesn’t hear them much. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion on the book… story is tomorrow, so I’m going to look for it.

  3. thanks girls! the bubble gum one and the pinkalicious ones sound awesome. kristie, harper also likes to pick out the mouse in goodnight moon. i’ll have to look for fancy nancy and the bear ones…she’s been reading alot of froggy books because she’s heard two of them on cd and she likes the sound effects. cool. i’m excited!

  4. Our library didn’t have the book, so I ordered it from another library and it should be in by story hour next week. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll let you know how it goes.

    Which Dr. Seuss books does Harper like? We only have Green Eggs and Ham, but it is such a work-out to read, I haven’t entertained buying another.


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