before, during, and after

i had some fun with my camera today…not taking “quality photographs”, but just taking shots of my day throughout the day.  i got the idea from joanne whose blog i read pretty regularly and i thought it was a great idea as far as journaling is concerned.

first up, my house was a wreck when i woke up this morning.  here are a few pictures of what it looked like around 7:45 a.m.


i made chili first thing while the girls (i.e. harper) watched charlotte’s web…harper LOVED it.  she cried at all the right times and it made my heart melt.  (if you haven’t seen the newer version with dakota fanning, RENT IT!  it was fantastic!)


we had play group at church in the morning, but when we came home i got to work on the house/dishes.  the chili cooked itself.


after naps, we went to the park to feed the birds.  harper played on the playground while i fed layne in the stroller.  we came home, ate chili, and did baths.  ryan left for his bible study and i “occupied” harper for the beginning of mine (i host it).  she got to stay up and read books in our bed…BIG DEAL.


here’s all that was left of the chili…even without cheese, which i still CANNOT believe i forgot.  it’s my favorite part.img_0682

[notice that i’m wearing a baseball hat in the bible study picture.  this is because i didn’t have a shower today (until just now), but is actually a good thing.  layne slept so good last night that i wasn’t wide awake at 7:00 a.m. like i thought i’d be when i neglected to set my alarm.  yay!  she’s coming down the home stretch…]


2 Comments to “before, during, and after”

  1. I like this idea 🙂 and yay for layne being on the home stretch!

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