a sense of accomplishment

harper has FINALLY learned how to keep the volume at a minimum when she goes to bed at night.  about a month ago, we started a sticker chart for which (after 10 stickers) the prize was a Cinderella dress.  today was the day.  she got it and she loves it.  now, instead of having to earn stickers at night, she has to stay quiet to keep her dress.  this dress has meant so much to her…and it shows.  look how proud she is!


here is how my t0-do list has evolved this week.  i wish it had things like “laundry” or “dishes” or “change diapers” on it, but that may be just a little greedy on my part.  i just LOVE crossing things off the list. 


(good luck squinting to figure out what it says.)


6 Comments to “a sense of accomplishment”

  1. So cute! She looks so excited 🙂 was it still on sale?

  2. So proud! I love it! And look at her hair! 🙂 So cute!

  3. yes, it was still on sale and yes, that is the sloppiest ponytail ever (put up by yours truly)

  4. I love that Kathleen and I are nearly, almost always, the first two to comment on your blogs. We are all attached to our laptops! 🙂

  5. oh my goodness… she’s so excited! Look at that big ol’ grin on her face… adorable!

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