oh man.

i feel like i drunk-called someone last night.  i’ve never done that in real life before, but i’m sure this is what i would feel like if i had (+ a headache).  yes, i do feel overwhelmed, but now i’m overwhelmed and embarrassed and remembering why i never use this blog as a “feelings journal”.   🙂  thanks so much to everyone who read my previous post and prayed for me or commented or just plain felt sorry for me.  i’m fine, i promise i am.  nothing really has changed overnight, i guess i just always feel a sense of new possibilities when i wake up in the morning.  layne was up twice last night (i am SO hoping her tooth finally broke through), so, YES, i’m tired, but i feel motivated, so hopefully that’ll help me accomplish some things today.  like i said in the beginning of last night’s post:  i really just want to remember how i’m feeling in this season of my life.  that’s why i wrote the post.  it wasn’t a cry for help or an appeal for people to feel sorry for me.  i really do LOVE my life…i’m just overwhelmed these days.  love you all!


4 Comments to “oh man.”

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling refreshed but please call me before you head to Cuba!! (cause I want to go with 🙂

  2. I don’t want to go to Cuba, but I might join the circus with you. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Just so you don’t worry, the plane ticket I bought last night (so that I could come down and talk you off the ledge) is refundable. 😉

  4. you were drunk blogging just admit it : )

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