who knows why i like doing these…

1. i just did this on facebook, and i figured why waste the typing time…so, here it is on wordpress.
2. layne is teething and is not sleeping well at all. i’m pretty sure the tooth will break through tomorrow.
3. i really wanted to name one of our girls “ryan”, but my husband ryan said he hated it. ugh.
4. i’m already sick of hearing aobut barack obama and he’s only been the president for one day.
5. i was watching american idol earlier. i LOVE it when people audition who are really good…i get chills. my favorites are the white guys who don’t sing like they are (white).
6. we’re watching a show about air force one. a little ridiculous if you ask me (all the fanfare).
7. i’ve been on 5 cruises in my life.
8. our first game of the winter soccer season is tomorrow night. i’m so excited but really out of shape.
9. when i was little i lied alot. my dad put a door poster in my room of a huge ice cream cone to remind me how lies stack upon one another and get bigger and bigger.
10. i know embarrassingly little about the technical side of photography. i’m trying to learn more… pretty sure i’ve gone as far as i can go on creativity.
11. i’ve had excema on my thumbs for about 2 years. i have not idea where it came from…i’m thinking it’s an allergy or something. i hate it. it’s really painful, ugly, and annoying.
12. i have a crush on mike rowe. (my husband knows.)
13. i played flute in the band. i still have it in a trunk in my house. i got it out a few months ago and harper looked at it like it was the coolest thing she’d ever seen, but then got really annoyed when she couldn’t make it work.
14. i have always wanted to take stunt driving lessons. (italian job, anyone?)
15. my hands and feet are really cold right now.
16. i think we’re going to the fair this weekend.
17. we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight (with garlic bread and carrot sticks).
18. i LOVE the new darius rucker song. it makes me cry every time i hear it.
19. i really loved teaching PE.
20. michael jordan is my favorite athlete.
21. layne is named after a pro-surfer.
22. harper likes to pretend she’s cinderella…she runs around the house saying “it’s midnight! i must go! goodbye!”
23. two things i’ve only done once but really loved: rock wall climbing and paintball
24. i still really miss Opie.
25. i am weary of watching Lost. i don’t know if i can persevere through another uninformative season.


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