Katie is thinking this internet thing is pretty cool.

i have no idea why this post had spacing/font issues, but i can’t figure out how to fix it, so…whatever.

over the course of the past 10 years or so, the internet has slowly become an integral part of most people’s lives.  the majority of the population (with access) has become computer-savvy, and i believe the internet is largely to thank for that.  for the past several months, i’ve had a battle going on in my mind about the pros/cons of the unbelievably huge, never-ending resource we call the world wide web.  of course it provides obvious tools when it comes to research and learning and cooking and shopping and pretty much anything you’ve ever wanted to know or learn about.  but, because of the internet, i am petrified of my children learning to use a computer.  i know that it is inevitable, completely necessary, and might even add to their quality of life, but that doesn’t erase the fact that there are hundreds of perverts, scammers, and wierdos out there who would love to take advantage of my children in any number of ways.  SCARY.

however, in the past month or so, i’ve decided that internet lends us many more positives than negatives, at least to someone in my situation (stay-at-home mom who is a former social butterfly).  facebook has been a large part of this decision.  for those of you who’ve been under a rock (or hiding out on myspace like i was) for the past few years, facebook is a networking tool that connects you to people you know…or knew a long time ago….or know through someone else.  once you sign up, you can recieve friend requests from others and you’re able to look around to find people that you would like to send a request to .  they have several tools that make it easier to find people you’d like to “befriend”.  my group of “friends” is made of people from literally every stage and area of my life (every school i ever went to, both schools i taught at, students from both schools i taught at, different churches i’ve gone to, siblings of my good friends from many of the preceding areas, ETC).  it is SO much fun to pick out a random “friend” and check on their profile, say hello on their wall, or comment on a photo.  my favorite feature (along with, i’m sure, many other facebook fans) is “status updates”.  your status update is simply a statement beginning with your name that tells everyone else on facebook what you’re doing or thinking or feeling or eating or whatever you want it to say (the title of this post is an example).  the status section is updated everytime one of your friends posts a new status, so, if you have alot of friends it’s updated pretty frequently (for me, probably every 3 minutes).  below are 3 examples.  i pulled them off of FB as i was typing this post:

Leyka Degran is whatever….

4 Responses to “Katie is thinking this internet thing is pretty cool.”

  1. I agree Katie. There is a lot of bad on the internet, but there is also a lot of good. It’s funny too (about Facebook) because my pastor is on it now and he references it regularly in his sermons!

    • i can’t count on two hands the number of births i’ve gotten to “experience” because of facebook (or blogs). the cool thing is that most of them are babies that i never would’ve even known existed…it’s not like all my facebook friends are on the list of christmas cards i recieve…

  2. I read Alan’s words from Dr. Goodman’s service, and although (like you) I never had him, I seems like Alan captured the essence of Dr. Goodman in ways that all of his former students could relate to.

    And, FB let us know Sari had Kieren a week ago!! Thanks to Casey’s status update! 🙂


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