we are having bedtime issues around here.  we’ve been trying for about 2 1/2 months to get the girls both to sleep in the “nursery”.  out of probably 20 tries, we’ve had, i think, 3 successful nights.  these were nights where layne went right to sleep and stayed asleep for at least an hour, and harper laid in her bed quietly.  most nights, we put layne down in the girls’ room at 7:00.  at 7:30, we take harper in and put her in bed.  when we first started the routine, she was really good about being quiet and would even whisper to herself singing or something, but after about a week, she refused to be quiet.  we’ve had nights where harper had to have THREE spankings (we spank her pretty hard with a wooden spoon…it’s not a mamby-pamby spanking) before she screamed and cried herself to sleep.  we have a chart set up in the kitchen.  every time she has a nice quiet night, the next morning she gets a sticker.  if she gets 10 stickers, she gets a cinderella dress.  we started this 3 weeks ago.  so far she has 5 stickers…and we were being generous on the 4th and 5th.  i am 2 weeks behind on a photography editing right now because i can’t use the computer in our room when layne is sleeping in there (that’s what we do with her when harper is screaming and wakes her up). 

so, the purpose of this post is a cry for help.  if you are reading this and you, or anyone you know, might have a suggestion for us (to correct harper’s bedtime behavior), PLEASE comment (and/or tell someone helpful to do the same).  if this is just harper being a 2 year old, then i can deal with that, but i need to know that it’s a phase and that “this too will pass”.


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  1. Sorry you know I have no wisdom on this topic but I will pray that you get an good suggestion.

    ps. “mamby-pamby” haven’t heard that one 🙂

  2. As I sit here reading your blog, the monitor is by my side (as it usually is), and I am listening to Grace and Meghan talk (I have to listen closely so I know who to yell at). Meghan usually tries to get Grace’s attention by yelling to her and standing at the end of her crib reaching through the bars and Grace has been known to pinch Meghan, poke Meghan’s eyes, stand up on Meghan’s crib… you get the picture. Glenn just went in to see what the thump was… apparently Grace hit her head when she was running to get back into bed. The other night she stealthfully tried to get a baby and bring it back into bed, but she mistakenly picked the giggle doll and she got into trouble. We are looking for a different solution too. It’s tough, but they love being in there together and cry when they are separated (kind of sweet). Good luck!

  3. we went through it. lane is going to have to learn to sleep through it or go to sleep herself with harper talking, no way around it unfortunately. my boys wake each other up a lot and then other times they just can’t get the other to wake up… it stinks to go through it but you will get through the other side, you are doing all the right things…have you tried putting harper down first since she seems to be the one waking lane up, tell harper when she learns to go to sleep without waking up lane, she can then be the “big sister” and go to sleep later…good luck, will pray for you

  4. Being banished to the cold hard bathtub worked for me as a kid. But then consider how I turned out, too.

    Send them both to Nana and Poppy’s “Sleep Nights Or Ruin Everyday” – SNORE Camp

  5. thanks everyone… we’re trying another form of bribery tonight…she saw a princess flashlight at publix and i thought that it might be something she could play with quietly in her bed while she fell asleep (it sure worked when we were camping). however, first she has to earn it tonight by staying quiet for ONE NIGHT. let’s pray she can do it!

  6. I wish I would have thought to tell you about the flashlight thing. Spencer has 2 flashlights he keeps in his room, one of which has different covers for it that project pictures onto the wall (I got it recently at Target). He either plays with the flashlights or uses them to look at books until he falls asleep. It works for us…good luck!

  7. First of all…oh my goodness, Harper is TOO much like Jenna!! I think it is just being a 2 year old and it will pass, but I hate to tell you that Jenna is now 3 and is still noisy at bedtime!! 🙂 Here is a crazy question- do you guys have a walk-in closet in your bedroom? We did in Wisconsin and for probably 3 months of Natalie’s life she slept in it…for bedtime and for naptime. We had to clear out stuff to make room for a portacrib in the closet but it worked wonders. Did she get the flashlight? Is it working?? Praying for you girl!! Kids can be sooo hard on us…I’m sorry!

  8. thanks so much, girls! the flashlight has actually done the trick for two nights in a row! she was quiet the first night so she could earn it and then last night she got one warning about getting it taken away (being too noisy) and she was asleep 15 minutes later. she didn’t have a nap yesterday, so that may’ve had something to do with it, but my fingers are crossed for tonight. i’ve also been waking her up earlier in the morning and that seems to be helping a bit.

  9. i also set the sound machine on rain last night instead of music…that may’ve helped layne sleep through more of harper’s noise.

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