sledding in florida

img_6714-bfor anyone who was in south or central florida this Christmas, you know that it was pretty typical:  warm.  actually, it may have even been a little warmer than average.  not sure what inspired the idea, but my sister-in-law had a stroke of genius of creating a slip n slide in the yard (my in-laws’).  my f.i.l. just happened to have two brand new tarps (along with the 30 old ones i’m certain are hiding somewhere in the garage).  we laid them in the grass and added a bucket or two of hot soapy water.  fun ensued.  erin (my s.i.l.) definitely had the most speed becuase she was in a bikini (i told you it was warm).  harper had on a one-piece that got pretty soapy and she probably would’ve been going pretty fast if it weren’t for the fact that she’s 2 1/2 and weighs 30 lbs.  the rest of us, who opted to go in our clothes, discovered that we’d go alot faster if no item of clothing touched the tarp.  so, we went on our hands and knees or standing up (just begging for a trip to the ER on Christmas Day).

i’ve been dying to post these pictures.  i have alot of great video, too, but i’m too lazy right now.


speedy gonzales  so glad she's not a scaredy cat about this kind of stuff
if you look really closely in the next one, both ryan and my feet are in the air…
here’s ryan “surfing”…
this is what happened when i tried it…
the above picture of my sister-in-law isn’t the best (basically, she’ll kill me when she sees it on my blog), so i thought i’d post one where she looks like herself (gorgeous!):

10 Responses to “sledding in florida”

  1. I LOVE these pictures!!!! 🙂

  2. these are HILARIOUS!! Those pictures of you falling and your hair flying in the hair seriously made me LOL.

  3. I meant air not hair, but that was kind of a funny error 🙂

  4. I love it! I’m so jealous…not of your falling though 😉

  5. that looks so fun:) harper sure looked like she enjoyed it!

  6. Thanks for posting a flattering picture–complete with scarf–I laughed out loud AGAIN when I saw the middle picture with you, your expression, and your hair straight up…good memories.

  7. what a fun way to spend Christmas! Where else could you have done this? so enjoyed your visit here…and there are at least 30 more old tarps in that garage….your m.i.l…..

  8. the above comment was mine…not erin’s….your M.I.L….:)


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