i must confess

still not sure of a title for this series of posts…i know that sometimes i might want to type something semi-serious, so i don’t want the category to make it sound like it’s a completely humorous area…anyway, here goes:

harper watches about an hour of tv a day.  i don’t try to hide it.  i have an intense love for Noggin.  anyway, our house is pretty small, so most of the time when she’s watching, i can hear every word of whatever show may be on at the time.  i constantly find myself thinking of “cut-downs” for the characters on these shows.  some animated bear will say something and i’ll comment back to him in my head about how he needs to get a real job.  this afternoon i almost got angry when the guy on blue’s clues sang the song at the end.  if you’ve ever seen the show, you know that at the end they FINALLY figure out what blue is trying to say with her 3 clues (blue is a dog…she can’t talk, but apparently is smart enough to make a pawprint on 3 items that give clues to what she’s trying to “say”).  today after steve or whatever his name is said the line “because we’re really smart!” i wanted to walk over to the tv and give him a lecture about how maybe the 3 year olds watching are really smart, but he’s a grown man and he should’ve figured out what blue was trying to say after the second clue.  and also, how was he smart enough to train his dog to leave pawprints everywhere, but he’s not smart enough to remember the 3 clues…he has to draw a dadgum picture of them in his handy dandy notebook.


7 Comments to “i must confess”

  1. Sounds like that show is in need of your in-put as a producer. I think that would be a great move on their part, too.

  2. That’s too funny. We watch a good bit of tv around here too. Sometimes it is the only way to get Paulie to eat some food! 🙂 I agree with you on Blue’s Clues….that show drives me crazy sometimes.

  3. i literally just laughed outloud at this. oh my gosh. so funny. i mis you! and i like your new header/picture. 🙂

  4. Love the new blog header! And you would not believe that nasty things I think in my head about those stupid little einstein kids. ie. I feel like telling june to learn something besides a stupid twirl, I mean what kind of dancer is she!!! I’m starting to wonder if both of don’t just need a little more adult time in our lives 🙂

    ps. I thought you changed your avatar? it was the same on the comment you left me.

  5. I always wonder if steve is married and what in the world does his wife think when he heads off to work each day with his co- worker the non talking blue dog and salt and pepper shakers…

  6. when i need a daily chuckle, i will come back to this post. it seriously made me laugh. those same conversations go on in my head. i feel validated today…i thought i was just that old and the voices were just a part of aging. 🙂

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