“You define your faith and moral posture in the stuff of your daily routine.” -F. Beuchner

i found this quote while cleaning out our kitchen junk drawer yesterday (ironic, huh).  [i had to specify which junk drawer because we have several.]  it was in the front of a little notebook that ryan’s sister had given him several years ago for his birthday.  i guess i’d been letting harper color in it awhile ago or something cause it was shoved way in the back.  anyway, i wrote the quote on the chalkboard in the kitchen and as i was finishing my task i had some time to think about it.  it means alot to me personally because i’m a stay at home mom and sometime feel like i don’t “do” alot with my life.  i have recently figured out that one of the reasons i give myself to-do lists is so that i can FEEL busy.  yes, it’s nice to feel a sense of accomplishment after scratching something off the list, but these days i feel like i almost enjoy making the list more than i do crossing it off.  after teaching and coaching for 5 years, staying at home was definitely an adjustment, and don’t get me wrong – i LOVE it and feel so fortunate that my kids don’t have to be in day care.  but, the fact of the matter is that when you stay at home you have no real obligations or deadlines or reason to use your resume.  i am learning more and more that what i do with my family is ALL the Lord has obligated.  my lot in life is to be the best wife and mother that i can be.  anything i excell at beyond those things is just an extra blessing.

anyway, back to the quote.  as i’m learning more and more that this role as wife/mother is THE role, i am challenged to use it to grow my faith in God.  i believe that Beuchner is trying to say that the depth of our faith will manifest itself in our day-to-day lives, not just while we sing in the praise team on sunday mornings at church.  the fruit of my walk with the Lord is shown in how i react when Harper is throwing an embarrassing tantrum in aisle 4 at Publix or when someone cuts me off going 85 mph on 95.  how much do i pray during the day?  can other moms at the playground watch the way i interact with my children and tell there is a different kind of love inside me?

thank you Frederick Beuchner (and erin hobbie) for a challenge that i am ready to accept.


4 Comments to “dailyfaithroutine”

  1. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

  2. Man that quote is so inspiring and so humbling all at the same time.

  3. I need to take lessons from you on posting. I’m pretty much a loser when it comes to consistent posting. You’ve inspired me Katie, I’ll work harder at it. Great to hear from you and it’s awesome that even though we’re a continent apart, we can see pics of you guys and your beautiful girls.

  4. Thank you Katie Hobbie for sharing it with “us” so we can be challenged to do the same…thank you.

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