back with a vengence

my momnesia is back (if you know me, i know what you’re thinking…”huh?  did it ever leave?”). 

ryan had a soccer game on sunday afternoon and was so bummed that he had to miss the dolphins’ game.  he’s not like a crazy dolphins fan, but was excited that they’d made it to the playoffs and knew it’d be a good game.  ANYWAY, he was running out the door to leave for his game and remembered that he’d forgotten to set the DVR.  so, he asked me if i would do and told me it started at 1:30, which was in about 40 minutes.  my plan was to walk straight over the the TV to get everything set up, but something (or some-little-one) distracted me and i forgot to do it!  he came home and went straight to the TV and it was then that i remembered that i hadn’t recorded it.  he was so bummed and i felt terrible about it.  who forgets such a stupid little job? 

as if that weren’t bad enough, when ryan got home, layne was sleeping so i took harper and we went to the grocery store.  on the way home we were singing loudly with the windows down and looking at leftover christmas lights.  the next morning ryan called and informed me that i had left the driver’s side window completely rolled down ALL NIGHT!  sooooo glad that it didn’t rain and that whichever car thieves happened to be walking by all thought that the window was just very clean.  🙂


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