a new “series”

i’d like to start a new series of posts once a week for the next few months (like the top tens that i recently and abrutly decided to stop doing).  i need help on what i should name this “series”.  i want it to be kind of a wednesday confession thing.  below is an example of a [weird] confession:

everytime i use shaving cream (the white stuff…not the gel) or diaper cream i consider licking it for a split second.  it takes that long for my brain to remind me that shaving cream is not cool-whip and diaper cream is not delicious vanilla buttercream icing.

i hope no one thinks less of me (but there’s more where that came from).  so, what do you think?  anyone got a category idea for me?


5 Comments to “a new “series””

  1. KT Comes Clean…or, my personal favorite, Katie’s Out of the Closet

  2. kt’s crazy confessions

    confessions of a chronic mother

    kt tells all

  3. that is hilarious. i love you.

  4. KT’s Tantalizing Tails and Traumatizing Secrets.

    KT’s Come Clean Confessional

    One Mothers Secrets of Childlike Behavior

  5. LOVE LOVE KT’s Out of the Closet.

    Along that inappropriate theme, what about “Katie’s Gone Wild”

    Love it Katron. Thanks for the smiles 🙂

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