good gadgets

my husband is obsessed with microwave popcorn lately.  for the past few months, he’s come home from work and (yes, before dinner) popped himself a bag of it to go along with his customary pint of beer.  so, for christmas i decided to get him an air popper.  we had one when we first got married, but i ruined it (i think i put oil into the part where the kernals go…something idiotic like that).  when i was a kid we used to have popcorn for dinner every sunday night and watch the wonderful world of disney (what a shame that that show is gone).  i have very fond memories of those times and i’m hoping that harper will as well.  we fired it up for the first time tonight and she really loved watching it and eating it.  ryan and i don’t usually get each other anything for christmas, but he agreed that the popper was $15 well spent.

another thing that’s brought us some simple fun this week is this bubble maker.  i found it at wal-mart as a gift to give to the girls together, which was kind of tough (not like layne knows any different, but i wanted harper to know that she had to share it with her sister).  it was $10 and well-worth it.  it takes AA batteries, attaches to the wall, and then has an opening in the front where you pour in the bubble solution.  it took a few minutes for it to get going (the wands had to get fully saturated, i guess), but it makes probably 10 bubbles a second and they shoot out pretty far.  at first we had it on the side wall, but it works best if you mount it on the wall under the showerhead.  the bubbles go all the way to the back end of the tub.  harper loves it and layne saw it tonight and was pretty mesmerized.  pretty cool.


One Comment to “good gadgets”

  1. whatever did happen to the wonderful world of disney? darn.

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