i’m sitting on the couch typing this post.  i am so stoked!  no, i didn’t get a laptop from Santa, or even really as a Christmas gift, but my dad so generously offered to let me have my mom’s old one.  it’s got a pretty small memory capacity, so i’m really only planning on using it for e-mails, blogging, facebook, and internet surfing.  i’m still dreaming of the day i can get one nice enough to use for my business, but that day is FAR off, so for now this is super exciting for me. i am honestly thinking that the multi-tasking of “spending time” with my husband and using this thing will save me probably an hour a day that i was losing before doing this stuff.  i need that hour.  i’ll let you know if the laptop use winds up being as revolutionary as i’m hoping it’ll be.

(note:  the reason “spending time” is in quotes is because flipping back and forth between NFL football and Mythbusters re-runs isn’t really my idea of improving intimacy.  🙂  still, we both just mentioned a few minutes ago that it’s nice just to be in the same room because usually i’d be stuck at the desktop in the bedroom if i wanted to work on e-mail or my blog.)


One Comment to “portable.”

  1. So exciting and dangerous 🙂

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