closing time.

one day left of 2008.  i still do a double-take when i look at the expiration date on a milk carton and it says 08.  i’m not ready for 09 yet…  guess there’s no stopping it.  in that case, here are ten things i’d like to improve upon in the coming year:

  • reading the Bible/spending quiet time alone with the Lord
  • more organization in my home/daily schedule
  • cooking new and different recipes
  • learn more about photography/photoshop
  • get back into solid running shape
  • less mindless time on the internet…facebook is dangerous.
  • potty-train my eldest daughter (DREADING this one)
  • put on a little makeup and straighten my hair more than one day a week
  • start teaching harper some preschool-ish stuff (letter sounds, etc…)
  • make more of a point to tell those i love how i care about them (and i’d like to send more snail mail to them…hopefully the organization/scheduling/less mindless time on the interet items in this list will help free up some time for that)

we’re in tallahassee until friday and then will be home saturday afternoon.  happy new year to everyone…  see you in 2009!


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