cherry coke

today started off nicely.  my sister-in-law stayed with us this weekend.  harper loves to hang out with her, so i felt like i was getting alot done this morning before she left.  i was sitting at the computer and layne was behind me in the doorway sitting in her jump-up seat.  she sat happily for a few minutes, but then began to fuss.  i assumed she was getting tired, so i picked her up with the intention of nursing her and then putting her down.  apparently she wasn’t fussing because she was tired.  when i picked her up, i noticed that she, and now i, was covered in poop.  there was poop all over her legs, all over her clothes, all over the seat, all over the carpet under her seat, all over her feet (along with carpet hairs), and now all over my arm.  EW.  i had to put her and the jumpy seat in the bath and then it took 3 clorox wipes to clean off the changing pad where’d i’d taken off her clothes.  she took a great nap.  🙂

we were supposed to have our family pictures taken today.  i had the outfits all planned out minus my shirt.  i went to target around 11:00 to find something suitable.  i spent $80 on 5 different shirts so i could avoid the dressing room with two kids (navigating the clearance ranks pushing a cart is hard enough).  [yes, i’m going to return the ones i don’t use, even though i wish i could keep them all.]  left target and stopped by sonic to get a drink for me and a kids’ meal for harper (i hope no one’s counting).  for some random reason i chose a cherry coke.  i hardly ever drink caffeine, and have NEVER ordered it at sonic in place of a precious limeade.  i have no idea what i was thinking, but it was delightful and i thought i’d made a great choice.

i wanted to get my hair cut before our pictures, so my good friend nicole came over to sit at the house while the girls were napping.  just before she got to my house, this average day took a nasty turn.  i failed to mention earlier that one of the reasons i never order caffeinated drinks (the first being that i’m breastfeeding) is because caffeine acts as a laxative for me.  i guess while i was in a sonic happy fog, i forgot.  the caffeine kicked in right around the time nicole got to my house.  i won’t go into detail, but i will say that i got 4 feet away from the door of Great Clips and realized that there was no way i’d be able to sit still and/or avoid the restroom for the time it would take to get my haircut.  i drove home and ran upstairs.  after i…um….well, after my stomach felt better, i lit a candle in the bathroom and nicole came in and helped me fix my hair.  we straightened it and cut my bangs and it was looking alot better. 

looked like things were picking up.

even with nicole’s help to get the girls ready, i walked out the door about 5 minutes late.  if you know where i live, you know that it’s a HUGE hassle to go back up to the house once i’ve got the girls strapped into the car.  well, i got down to the car and realized that my top-of-the-Graco-line double-stroller wouldn’t close.  i messed with it and examined it and shook it around for about 3 minutes and then just had to give up.  i knew i’d be back in a few hours, so i thought there’d be no harm in sticking it just inside our “lobby” door (it’s more like an elevator vestebule, but whatever).  i’ve done that before with my crappy single stroller and really thought nothing of it.  i felt bad that nicole was standing at my car with my kids, and felt even worse when i thought that running the stroller up to our house could potentially make me late for our pictures.  so, i left it downstairs.  i’m pretty sure that i’m the only person in our building with kids.  i’ve only ever seen one other girl with a stroller and she had twins and i’m pretty sure they moved.

i know this is long, but keep reading.

i hugged nicole good-bye and started down the road to west palm to meet ryan for our pictures.  as i was merging onto 95, my phone rang.  it was rebekah, the photographer.  she said that it was raining and we’d have to reschedule.  i was really disppointed, but as a photographer, i know that if we wanted to make the most of the hour we had with her, we had to postpone it.  it turned out okay because we ended up going to the playground and apparently none of us had enough clothes on because all of us were cold (which we would’ve been while having our pictures taken). 

i got home, unloaded the girls, opened the lobby door and NO STROLLER.  my stomach turned – and it wasn’t the cherry coke this time.  someone took it!!!  i am still in shock.  i went upstairs and immediately wrote a note and took it down and taped it to the door (“if you are the person who took my graco double-stroller this afternoon, PLEASE CALL ME”).  i am really hoping that it was a maintenance guy who just put it in the dumpster room or something.  that was a $200 stroller, but even more-s0, i use it ALL day everyday. 

i’m annoyed, to say the least.  it’s annoying to make the wrong decision and then pay the consequences.  cross your fingers for me.

[if you haven’t figure it out yet, the moral of this story is:  what might seem like a great idea at the time, can sometimes come back and bite you in the butt.]


5 Responses to “cherry coke”

  1. katie
    everytime I read your blog, I read about sonic!! Girl, kiss that place goodbye for a few days 🙂

  2. I’m speechless…i got upset over losing our pink bink! Prayers for the stroller…

  3. hey girl, sorry to hear about your stroller. that stinks. if you want to borrow ours for a while, you are more than welcome. we aren’t taking it with us to NY. I will let you know about tomorrow.


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