at your service.

today is top ten tuesday, and for once i am clueless on what to write about.  i suppose i should’ve come up with a Christmas-y list, but honestly i’ve been kind of a scrooge this year and it would’ve turned out not so nice (“top ten favorite things to dislike about the Christmas season”).

soooo…i would like to take requests.  i know that they’re aren’t throngs of people who read my blog, and there are even fewer that comment, but to all of you who do, please leave a comment for an idea of a list of ten things i’ve never written about.  i’ll write about one today and then post the others at a later date.

thanks!  (oh, and merry Christmas!)

ps…I GOT MY STROLLER BACK!  my inclination that maintenance had taken it was correct.

this is for Tina, first to leave a comment!

top ten things i use most with two kids (i guess i’ll just put my ten favorite kid-ish things…funny because i was just thinking about this the other day):

  • avent manual breastpump/bottles/sippy cups – the bottle and sippy parts are all interchangeable, which is great when you have a toddler and an infant
  • graco double stroller – the only double stroller i’ve ever owned…i really have nothing to compare it to so i have no complaints…although it is really heavy to lift into the back of the car
  • zip-up sleepers – the button ones are horrible when you’re changing a diaper at 3 in the morning in the dark
  • noggin – THE best tv channel there is
  • goldfish and raisins – my two never fail snack items
  • this thing is unbelievable…the coolest invention ever.  harper would still suck fruit out of it if i let her and layne just tried it for the first time the other day and loved it, even at 5 months old
  • also, i really like the dishwasher basket made by the same company…it’s GREAT for all the small pieces in the sippy cups, breastpump, and bottles (also good for little knives)
  • pacifiers – couldn’t live without them.  harper had such an easy break from hers that i didn’t hesitate a second on trying to get layne on one.  they are amazing if you’re out somewhere and the kid gets fussy… instant gratification.
  • “lovee” – harper has a kitty that she’s had since the day she was born (thank, nikki!), and now layne has little doggie that she has grown attached to.  anything that helps my child get to sleep is okay by me.
  • fans – white noise works wonders for sleep (especially when you live directly above a bar that’s open until 3 AM).  both our girls have had a fan by their bed since their first night home from the hospital.  you can buy real “white noise machines”, but they’re like $200.

7 Comments to “at your service.”

  1. Yeah for getting the stroller back!!!

  2. Yay about the stroller!!!! 🙂 So in the spirit of that… you could write a TOP TEN list of: things you need/use most when you have 2 kids… We already know the Stroller will be on that list haha

  3. Oh my goodness, THANK THE LORD. For somebody who has been so scroogie you sure are getting alot of Christmas miracles 🙂 How about your top 10 reasons you love photography.

  4. Katie,
    (remember me?)
    Merry Christmas, I love reading your blog, you sound like a fantastic Mother!!! We just had our 6th granddaughter.. Your girls are beautiful…
    and I love your photos.. I also have a love for photography..wish I could do it.. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and if you see your parents give them my love…


    Neatest Christmas saying I know … other than HO! HO! HO! >>>

    God didn’t put his gift to us under the tree, He hung it on the tree!


  6. Nice! That little feeder/pacifier thing is crazy!

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