what’s in a name?

i realized yesterday that i need to start paying REALLY close attention to harper when she talks.  she has an outstanding vocabulary for her age, but i’ve discovered that her intelligence doesn’t necessarily match up with that.  🙂  we were on the playground yesterday and there was a little girl, madison, from church there.  i heard harper talking to her and i’m 100% sure she said “Medicine”.  then later on she and i were all alone playing with her little people nativity set.  i realized that when referring to Jesus’ mother, she was saying “Married”. 

an emoticon just doesn’t do the feeling justice.


4 Comments to “what’s in a name?”

  1. oh my gosh. i love it. a couple of weeks ago i was pointing to the people in paul’s nativity set and saying their names and then i pointed and let him say the names. i pointed at jesus’ mother and he said, “Mary!” i then pointed at jesus’ father and with a slight pause he said, “Christmas!”

  2. Trey calls Leilani “Sister Medicine” instead of Leilani Madison. Too cute.

  3. what priceless little sayings! there will be more..we need to record them for many years of appreciation! you think you’ll remember, but there is nothing like looking back on them years later…the good stuff of motherhood!!

  4. I am nuts. What can I say, with out school this week I felt I needed more on my plate. haha
    I wanted to do the gifts the day before but Louie has to work a half day and he is super stubborn about gifts ON Christmas day. I meant to say how to prepare, not fix. My mom said to do nothing, but my dad bought one last week and cooked it for like an hour or something, I’m lost lol.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Safe travels where ever you guys are headed!

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