a christmas miracle

i needed to go to costco today.  costco is on northlake.  anytime i need to run an errand on northlake, i find it pretty much impossible to drive home until i’ve eaten at sonic (which is about .8 miles from costco).  because we don’t have one in jupiter, i can’t just drive down and get a limeade whenever i get the urge.  well, i guess i could, but our gas budget wouldn’t thank me for it (or my rear-end).  anyway, tonight is a special night for my friend kathleen, so i called her to see if she if she’d let me buy her lunch.  of course, she said “of course” and met me there in a jiffy. 

i had planned to pay for our lunch with two sonic cards that i had leftover from my birthday (thank you jenny and julie!).  i had $2 on one card and $15 on the other.  our order came out to $14 something.  so i scanned the first card and emptied it.  the screen said that i still owed $12, so i scanned the second card.  then i read: “approved.  balance – $31.22”.  huh?!  i scanned it again.  “$31.22”

cue the dad-gum hallelujah chorus.


4 Comments to “a christmas miracle”

  1. THAT is AMAZING!!! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. haha you crack me up! mmm Sonic…

  3. It seriously was a miracle 🙂 God knows how much you love sonic!

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