my blog is suffering because the children’s sleeping arrangements in our house are bordering on ridiculous.  as i reluctantly type this post as quietly as i possibly can, layne is stirring in the porta-crib 3 feet behind my chair.  harper has decided that it is physically impossible to remain quiet while trying to fall asleep, so we had to start putting layne to sleep in our room until haper finally settles down like 2 hours after she’s gone to bed.  of course this awkward routine has to be happening during one of the busiest editing weeks i’ve had in a while.  this is the first time she (layne) has slept through the first 5 mouse clicks.  she started cereal last week and tonight was the best night yet, so i’m hoping that’s why she’s sleeping through all the clicking of the keyboard and creakings of the chair.  anyway, just becuase i’ve lost all hope in my blog for the time being, don’t you, loyal public, give up on me too.  🙂

i am more convinced than ever that i need a laptop.


3 Comments to “sad.”

  1. I will never give up on you–or your blog!

  2. Put the port-a-crib in the bathroom and close the door.

  3. invest in noise machines…we use a sleep mate from in both of our kids’ rooms. makes it a little easier, and you don’t have to stress over every little sound. chris and i love the sound too.

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