forget editing…

this is more fun.

[this post is for all of my fellow nosy people…i LOVE seeing pictures of other people’s houses.] my ten favorite Christmas-y things in my house:

first, the little tree in Harper’s room.  i’m not sure who was more excited about the fact that she is old enough to “decorate” it (her or me).  [i hope you don’t have to ask why decorate is in quotes.]


next, my santa countdown calendar.  i really really want a real advent calendar, but i like this guy too.  got it like 4 years ago on clearance at joann’s.


this picture contains two of my favorites: first, the black tin tree cutout/candle holder.  i got it at an antique store in thomasville, GA.  one of the candle thingys fell off, but i still love it.  i think it’s one of the most unique christmas decorations i’ve ever seen.  the second favorite item in this picture are the nesting santa dolls.  i found these brand new in the box in my grandma’s attic and i absolutely love them.  they’re harper’s favorties too…she’s spent a great deal of time playing with them (and losing the pieces).  [also, i have to apologize to amy…i do LOVE my snowman, i just love 10 things more than him.  sorry!  :)]


i got this sign a few months ago at homegoods.  i never realized that i tend to be drawn to “country” style decorations, but i did after i bought this.  i like it anyway.


of course, the tree.  we always had a real tree growing up (i think i was like 12 before i realized they even made fake ones) and i hope we always will.  i love the smell, i love the look, heck, i even love the needles on the floor.  last year we didn’t put one up…can’t remember why (oh wait – because we had an 18-month old), but that has made this year’s all the more fun.  i got the star on clearance after christmas two years ago and it killed me not to be able to use it last year.  also in this picture is our tree skirt.  the first year ryan and i were married, my mom got us matching tree skirt and monogrammed stockings from pottery barn.  they are my absolute favorite christmas things and i get so excited every year when i get them out of storage.  (this picture is a disgrace to my photography name…i wanted the lights to show and i was using my little camera.  don’t hate.)


before i had kids i used to go shopping alot (can i get an amen?).  by shopping, i mean: browsing around looking for no particular item at all with spending money spilling out of my purse. 🙂  i got this sign at TJ Maxx on one of those trips.  (country-ish again…hmmm)


for awhile now, i’ve really wanted one of those cool card holder things made out of wire (pottery barn has a cool one shaped like a circle that makes a wreath), but i just can’t bring myself to buy one when we already have this thing up all year round.  however, at christmas, to me it becomes a christmas decoration covered in cards.  next year i think i’m gonna do something different…i’m brainstorming (and spying on other people) to figure out what.


our stockings match the tree skirt and i love them, but i think i like harper’s the best.  i got it at target after christmas two years ago and had it embroidered.  total cost was $13.  layne got the shaft this year.  i don’t have hers yet, obviously, so this little dinky one had to suffice.  hopfully hers will end up as cute as harper’s.  as far as christmas morning, i don’t know what i’m going to do because layne is getting quite a few stocking stuffers.  where’s mary poppins’ purse magic when you need it?  🙂


i got an e-mail just prior to starting this post that we weren’t having Bible study tonight.  that’s how i justify spending an hour doing this.  i can edit tonight.  🙂


One Comment to “forget editing…”

  1. Harper’s little tree is so cute! Thanks again for lunch it was delicious!

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