sometimes i hate that i’m a blogger.  i feel like a slacker if i don’t post often, not just because i “should”, but because i usually want to post i just don’t have the time.  sometimes it’s depressing to me that i’ve even been introduced to the blogging world.  earlier today i happened upon 3 or 4 super rad blogs and only had the time to quickly browse through each.  i hate it when that happens.  why do so many blogs have to be so awesome?  it’s like seeing an amazingly delicious cupcake and smelling it and my mouth watering and then i get one taste of the frosting and someone whisks it away and smashes it in the dirt or throws it in a really nasty trashcan or something (i had to make it really nasty, because, for example, if a perfectly good cupcake fell on a somewhat clean floor…well…i would scrape it up, eat it, and lick my fingers.).  and now, of course, i have to go.  harper woke up while i was typing this post.  a “crumby” post is better than nothing, i guess.  hahahahahaaha


3 Comments to “sigh.”

  1. I seriously love you. 🙂

  2. yeah its a problem I seriously wasted Jonas entire nap yesterday on blog’s I need help!

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