the end of normalcy.

even though christmas has been hanging around some stores and tv channels for a few weeks now, tomorrow is december 1st, which gives everyone permission to go christmas-crazy.  i don’t feel ready for it this year.  i saw a macy’s commercial this afternoon advertising how you can bring your letter to santa into their stores.  it has several celebrities gushing about how if there was no santa claus, there’d be nothing to believe in.  specifically, carlos santana says, “there’d be no reason for child-like faith”.  how sad.  i don’t mean to be a scrooge, especially because i have a 2 1/2 year old daughter who will be oh-so-much-fun this year as far as christmas is concerned, but that [commerical] is just ridiculous.  what a sad world we live in if the only thing that children are encouraged to “believe” in is a fat man in a red suit who brings them THINGS.

this post has taken a nasty turn.  i logged in just to write a re-cap of our thanksgiving weekend.  here goes: thursday morning we left around 8:30 and drove to tallahassee.  we had an amazing meal at my parents’ and then basically just hung out for 3 days.  it poured down rain pretty much the whole time we were there, so it gave us an excuse to be lazy.  we broke out the 20 rubbermaid containers of christmas decorations on friday, much to the complete delight of my 7 year of nephew who is obsessed with christmas (and every other holiday, for that matter).  mom was thankful to have the extra hands to help decorate and the kids had a ball checking out all the new “decor”.  i had a photo session on saturday morning, and luckily the rain stopped long enough to where the ground was dry and the light was perfect.  post to come later this week.  we watched the ‘noles get flattened by the gators (BOO!) on saturday evening and then got in the car to drive back this morning around 8:30.  it took us an extra hour to get home, which we were thankful for…we thought it’d be alot worse, which was why we skipped church.  harper is still at my folks’ house (with her cousins) until next sunday.  i already miss her…the house is SO quiet.  i’ve blogged about it before, but i just don’t know if i’ll ever get to the point where i’m genuinely happy she’s not around.  my mind gets so excited thinking about all the stuff i can get done around the house and all the freedom i’ll have to go shopping or running or whatever, but my heart basically has a dull ache whenever she’s not around.  still, the drive back was really nice…i didn’t have to squeeze my size 8’s between two carseats when i needed to get in the back to tend to layne.  and layne slept alot better without that squeaky voice in her ear saying ever-so-loudly, “mommy, she’s asleep!”   

gotta go make my to-do list!


One Comment to “the end of normalcy.”

  1. I have never actually been away from Jonas for more than 2 days but even that was rough.

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