img_0348-smalli’ve been promising this for weeks (i’m sure you’ve all been waiting anxiously). here are some pictures of our new wood floor and semi-redecoration. still have a few more changes to make (pictures in the frames, new pillow covers). hopefully next week i’ll have pictures of those and of a new table. a woman from craigslist is supposed to be buying our current huge old table…knock on wood. haha 

the first picture is the “entryway”.  this is one of the only spots where the quarter-round is finished at the baseboard, and also where a few of ryan’s favorite pieces of the floor are.  the wood is hand-scraped, so every piece is different.  i had to lighten the picture a little bit, but i think it comes pretty close to the true colors of the floor…the wall, not so much.  the sign on the right came from my grandma’s attic.  it came from my great-grandfather’s electrical engineering office. 

next is a view of the img_0341-smallliving room.  this isn’t the greatest picture and you can see my ironing pile on the right under the star, but i took this so you could see the cute little silver table i got at homegoods on my birthday (along with the blue rug).  the next picture is another view of the living room where you can see the rug a little better and more of the floor.  the last shot is of the new curtains (orange corduroy) and a sign that i found at a junk store in arkansas.  i am still so disappointed in myself for not taking a picture of the store.  it was so cool and i’ll probably never see another like it (although if i drive to visit my brother in missouri again, i’m stopping there again for sure).  it truly was a junk store.  we walked around inside and then i wandered out back.  there were hundreds of traffic/street/highway/advertisement signs stacked up everywhere you looked.  the “H” was in a pile leaned up against a tree.  it was covered in spider webs, but i saw potential and loved it at once.  the man wanted $10 for it.  the only thing i don’t like about it is that the white part is reflector paint so anytime you take a picture of it, it looks like a neon light or something.  🙂

img_0344-small   img_0338-small


5 Comments to “revamped.”

  1. Everything looks great! I wish I could have gone to the junk store in Arkansas. I always find potential treasures in places like that!

  2. Yeah yeah yeah! I have been anxiously awaiting this post! I love it all! The floor looks amazing. Kudos to Ryan and his dad and Daniel! I think the rug is perfect too. And that “H” sign is so you. I love it!

  3. Hey Katie it looks great but it probably won’t be as comfy when I come and have to sleep on the floor! ;^) Just kidding. Looks awesome!

  4. I know I have already seen it but I love those floors they’re GREAT!

  5. Next time I am in Arkansa I am so going to that junk store…we should open a junk store just to find cool stuff…wantta?

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