call me a tealight.

i am very burdened for the unsaved of the world.  i know that sounds weird to just say it right out like that, but that’s how i’ve been feeling lately.  i am sad for people who don’t know Jesus and sad for people who don’t understand that it is possible to have true JOY.  it is possible to have real HOPE.  my problem is that i don’t know how to go about telling people about my hope and joy…about my relationship with the One who gives us those things….the One who created those things.  i don’t believe that split-second evangelism does the trick.  i don’t think it does any harm to hand out tracks or say bold things like, “do you know jesus?”.  of course there are people out there who can be reached that way.  but, for me, the whole point of the Christian life is to glorify God through the way we live our lives.  if we are striving to be holy, we will stand out in the world.  even if we’re a tiny candle in a dark room, we’ll be noticed.  to me, THAT is what really witnesses to the sad unbelievers of the world.  asking someone where they’d go if they died today doesn’t help them in this life and that’s where people’s minds are.  my problem is this:  how can you show a stranger the differences in your lives if you’re only around them for, say, an hour a week?  or less?  there are simple things like not using profanity or you could always try to put God into your conversation, using cliche’ Christian phrases like “i’m very blessed”.  non-Christians never say things like that.  people are constantly saying to me, “wow, you’ve got your hands full.”  my sister told me once that a girl she knew would say “thank the Lord for that”.  so, that’s what i’ve started saying.  i’m very thankful for the blessings the Lord has given me and when i’m trying to get into my building holding a screaming baby and dragging a tantrum-throwing toddler, that’s what i want people to know.  i’ve been racking my brain trying to think of small ways i can demonstrate my faith without putting a fish on my car or wearing a steven curtis chapman t-shirt.  this thought-process started when my car was towed a few weeks ago (man, those people are heart-breakingly bitter and cold) and then continued during my monday night soccer game this past week.  i’ve led a VERY sheltered life (christian school, christian college, christian career, and now most of my friends are from church or the christian college) and i’m thankful for the unmistakeable blessing of community, but when i get out in “the real world” it feels very dark and i feel a weight on my chest for those who don’t know what true Happiness is.  this is going nowhere.


2 Comments to “call me a tealight.”

  1. now I have that song “this little light of mine” stuck in my head 🙂

  2. this is a very interesting perspective. I grew up in a very UN-christian environment- and throughout my family-immediate and extended I am the minority. The circles of people I know are more UN saved than saved.
    It’s a sad feeling- to see someone so shut off to the truth. It’s also interesting to get weird looks from people or know their rolling their eyes at you because they think church is for holidays, and Jesus is for Christmas- and “oh no- not one of those born again christians”

    It’s funny to see how different we all are- gathered in one place- coming from so many different backgrounds.

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