heh heh.  i crack myself up.

a few weeks ago i had a VERY short session with some dear friends of ours, matt & angela.  they’re getting married in the spring.  they live in colorado so we don’t see them much, and that made taking their pictures that much more fun.  the day was hectic (my car got towed), but we got a few keepers before we ran out of light.  i loved the red shoe/dress idea…apparently matt came up with it, which is pretty impressive.  (if you know matt, then you know why my subject line is so corny funny.)


(i know i copied like 3 photographers by using that shot, but i don’t care.  it was too cool to pass up.)

img_5668-sat1   img_5677-crop-hc-sat1

img_5691-crop-flip1   img_5692-bw-crop

img_5697-sat     img_5709-bw-hc 


put this one in just because matt hated it.  🙂


7 Comments to “finn-gagement.”

  1. The headline is corny-Matt-funny and I love it. I love the pictures! They look great. And, I don’t care if Matt hates that last one. I think it’s cute.

  2. Aww these turned out Great! 🙂

  3. How much did the TOW cost you?

  4. These are so great! I think the 3rd one is my favorite!

  5. super cute!

    hey–how do I know Angela? PBA or Orlando??? I’m having a total brain fart.

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