6 random things.

i’ve been tagged by two seperate people to do this, so here goes:

1) this morning harper bit layne on the back and left a wound.  it was the first time that’s ever happened and i’m hoping it will be the last.  quite the scene.

2) since the beginning of my second pregnancy i’ve slept with a body pillow.  i love it. 

3) i hate editing photos.  i need to take a photoshop class.

4) i have makeup in my cabinet that i’ve had since a clinique makeover i got when i was 16.

5) soccer on monday nights is the highlight of my week.  (and tonight we have a make-up game so i’m getting it two days in a row!)

6) i am terrible about maintaining my kids’ nails.  they’re always long and dirty.  disgusting, i know.  i’m working on it. 

okay, i’m supposed to tag some people, but i’m not going to because…well…basically because i’m too lazy right now.  🙂


One Comment to “6 random things.”

  1. I’m dying to take a photoshop class… Let’s do it! 🙂

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