the great outdoors.

top ten reason why i love camping:

10) my husband looks hot in an old sweatshirt

9) i love sleeping in a tent

8 ) sleeping on the hard ground makes you appreciate your bed so much more when you get home (even if your bed happens to be VERY small)

7) i love seeing everyone “au naturale” (gotta save the shower for the very last thing before bed)

6) there’s not much to do

5) hobos cooked on the fire (hamburger meat, potatoes, veggies, and seasoning wrapped up in tin foil pockets)…well, pretty much any food cooked on the fire (s’mores, hot dogs, etc…)

4) seeing LOTS of stars at night while walking to/from the bathrooms

3) great conversations (like i said, there’s not much to do) while…

2) sitting around the fire at night…staring at it for hours

1) making memories (as corny as it sounds, it’s true)

here are some pictures from the trip we took this weekend up to lake louisa state park in clermont.  it was a birthday surprise trip, stealthily executed by my sweet husband and several other friends/family members. 

img_0263   img_0282

img_0297   img_0302



6 Comments to “the great outdoors.”

  1. so cute!!! i wish i was there, looks like fun!

  2. My favorite was watching Harper with her flashlight it the tent 🙂 Too cute!! Or when Ryan almost took her out with the frisbee… oh goodness! It was fun!

  3. I’m really SO jealous. I used to camp with my family. We had a VERY small VERY old pop-up camper that seriously was just like a tent. I loved sitting around the campfire chatting with everyone. I love hearing the outdoors. I love the simplicity of no distractions and limited options ;)You could always invite friend over to the house and have cookouts and what-not, but more than likely you won’t remember that like you would if you went camping. Ugh…so jealous. 😉

  4. ps…I still grill hobos here at home…

  5. yeah, we make them in the oven sometimes.

  6. I man I wish we could have come! I do love a good camping trip. This time of year is SO perfect.

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