list update.

my to-do list was thrown askew last thursday night when my husband informed me that we were leaving the next day for a surprise birthday camping trip.  we had a great time, but i came back to many things still needing to be done.

here’s my updated to-do list (for the week)…

blogs i would like to write:

  • top ten tuesday
  • 6 random things meme (i got tagged like 3 weeks ago…sorry heather!)
  • the semi-redecoration of my house (mostly pictures)
  • sumner family session
  • angela/matt engagement session
  • camping (mostly pictures)
  • kreativ blog award (actually, this is the same as #2) 

things i need to do on the computer:

  • send an e-mail to prospective tallahassee clients for thanksgiving session special
  • angela/matt editing, upload, and CD
  • new business cards (design and photography)
  • figure out why my kt photography e-mail address isn’t working
  • put receipts into quiken
  • sumner family christmas card
  • other christmas card designs (ours?) 

things to be done around the house: 

  • laundry, laundry
  • put clean clothes away (a completely different task than actually washing the clothes)
  • ironing (ryan’s on his last pair of khakis for work)
  • clean microwave (i think something exploded a few weeks ago)
  • finish layne announcements (i cleaned my desk the other day and found a stack of them that i never sent out…oops)
  • birthday thank you cards
  • return to homegoods
  • cook, clean, wash dishes, change diapers, bathe children, ETC, ETC, ETC  )
  • burn cd for court
  • mail cd’s to mom and julie

3 Comments to “list update.”

  1. Ryan has been on his last pair of clean Khakis for like a week and a half…that is gross!

  2. i still need to iron, but last wednesday i got away with just pulling two pair out of the dryer and spraying them with downy stuff. 🙂

  3. I am looking forward to all the blogs–especially matt/angela, camping and redecoration. 🙂

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