the big three-OH!

img_0218i had a nice birthday.  started out in the morning with an awesome breakfast made by my sweet husband and then a incredible hot-stone pedicure with my good pal amy.  i did some shopping for the house (post with pictures to come soon) and then around 4:30, we met up with some friends at a park for cake and…well, just cake.  🙂   i wanted ice cream cake and we didn’t take a cooler or anything, so i got the smallest one they had.  we literally had JUST enough pieces for everyone so i thought all was well…until i woke up the next morning and realized we had no leftovers!!  it was sad.  🙂  i love the picture with the cake, but i have no explanation for the expression on my face.

img_0226   img_0220

(isn’t that a cool card from amy?)


4 Comments to “the big three-OH!”

  1. So you didn’t answer the question from the card?!

  2. I know exactly why you are making that face…you are thinking “why am I holding these two kids and not eating that cake!”

  3. …Take the kids D*&^–*&!”

  4. First of all, I love your new photo design on your page! So cute! I want to set up a photo session with you for Christmas cards, more than likely just the kiddos. That card is so cool. I think I’d be 17 lol, I had a lady tell me yesterday I looked way to young to be (almost) 25 and have 2 kids.

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