photo catch-up

here are a bunch of pictures that i’ve taken on my new camera that i wanted to share.  i love the camera and i’ve taken SO many more pictures than usual, thanks to its convenience and awesomeness.

first up, just a shot that ryan took that i love of the cutest 2 1/2 year old i know.


this is a picture i took of harper at the pumpkin patch 2 days before halloween.  she looks like a farm girl from nebraska or something.  i should’ve photoshopped a cowboy hat on her head…


the next day we went to the grocery store and i couldn’t figure out why the road was blocked off on my way there.  on the way home, ryan called and said there was an obama rally going on in the stadium across the street from our house.  as i unloaded the groceries from the car i could hear joe biden yelling about how “john mccain won’t get it done”.  when we rode the elevator to the second floor, this is what i saw.  i know it’s probably nerdy that i took a picture, but everyone know how important this election was and i just felt like i was semi-experiencing history in the making.


just after i unloaded my groceries (but before i took the picture above), harper was running around and managed to trip on the edge of the sidewalk and catch herself with her face.  she was bloody and pitiful.


my little sister ( one of them) came to visit 2 weeks ago and we had a great time.  she’s great with my girls and it’s fun to see them have fun together. 


halloween was alot of fun this year.  the first shot is the pumpkin carving, complete with spectators.  (sidenote: for some VERY odd reason, harper named our pumpkin “PBR”…we’re still trying to figure out what the heck that means.)  i never got a shot of the finished product, darnit.  he was pretty cute.  for halloween we went to a trunk or treat with some friends and then to a neighborhood party with some other friends.  harper was a mermaid princess (just because i couldn’t figure out how to make her hair look “mermaid-ish” and saw the crown lying on the floor), and layne was a flower child.  she had an eyeliner peace sign on her face, but it rubbed off pretty quick.

img_01671   img_0168



2 Comments to “photo catch-up”

  1. YAY for picture catchup and YAY for the new blog design!!!! I love it!!! That feet pic is uh-dorable!

  2. aaah! she looks so cute in the mermaid costume! I am so glad it worked out!

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