stress relief.

I AM…tired.

I WANT…to stay up all night and cross a bunch of things off my to-do list.

I HAVE…not enough time in the day.


I KEEP…alot of clothes that i never wear.

I WISH I COULD…push pause.

I HATE…when harper goes limp on the ground (even though i usually laugh).         


I FEAR…what the next few years will do to our country/my family.

I HEAR…my sweet husband snoring.

I DON’T THINK…my eyes are getting enough moisture right now.

I REGRET…putting on mascara today (becauase now i have to take it off).

I LOVE…my new wood floor.

I AM NOT…going to get more than 4 hours of sleep tonight. (thanks to laynie loo)

I DANCE…for harper.

I SING…silly songs in the car (and i like it).

I NEVER…thought i would turn 30.

I RARELY…feel my age.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH…harper with layne.  she’s such a sweet big sister.

I AM NOT ALWAYS…world’s greatest mom or wife.

I HATE THAT…my patience sometimes gets really thin.

I’M CONFUSED ABOUT…why it takes so darn long for me to get anything done (yes i know that it’s probably because i do things like this!)

I NEED…a day off.
I SHOULD…get paid.




3 Responses to “stress relief.”

  1. I think something is wrong with my eyes too!!!

  2. were you seriously up at 4am writing this?!


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