hope you didn’t have your hopes up for my 200th post celebration.  at this point, making and exporting an image in indesign was all i could muster.  sorry.  for those of you who have missed me this week, thank you, and i’m back…hopefully back into the swing of things.  life has been crazy since the girls and i got back on tuesday evening.  the house was upside down when we got home because of the wood floor installation my sweet husband managed while i was away (pictures to come, once the house is clean and you can actually see the floor).  i just finished hanging up the last of the clothes from my suitcase and my next job (tomorrow) is to try an tackle the laundry pile that i noticed tonight is about a foot taller than harper’s head.  yikes.  my little sister flew in on wednesday night and she’s been a pretty good help, but layne still has me on my toes much of the time…i’m debating on switching her to soy formula but i want to do some more research.  anyway, i have much to blog about and hope to get caught up in the next few days, but i didn’t want to keep my “public” in the dark about where i’ve been.  🙂


4 Comments to “201”

  1. As a member of your “public” I appreciate the update and also as someone who has seen you laundry pile, I completely understand 🙂

  2. I feel ya on the laundry. I still haven’t completely unpacked from our trip and we were only gone 5 days. I did soy formula with both my kids, Leilani still drinks it. No complaints here, although I know every baby is different. Less spit up and no problems with constipation.

  3. I was wondering on the soy thing…how come?

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