yet again

since i’m certain that the quality/quantity of my blog will deteriorate in the next few days, thanks to a road trip to springfield (MO) to visit my brother and his family, i’ve decided yet again to write a random post.  my 200th post is coming very soon, so stay tuned for something (probably not very) exciting!  🙂  i need to come up with a category title for these posts because apparently i like them and write them often…any ideas?

  • i realized the other day, very abruptly, that the sound of crunching acorns reminds me of riding my bike as a kid.  i love it when things like that happen (quick remembrances).
  • today i sorted through two garbage bags of hand-me-downs from my sister (from her daughter to mine).  seriously, natalie’s giving me these clothes is an unbelievable gift.  when she lived in atlanta, nat used to go to thrift stores at least once a week and they were REALLY good REALLY cheap thrift stores.  my kids’ wardrobe is made up of nothing but quality brands (old navy, gap, target, levi’s, osh-kosh, carter’s, etc…) and i haven’t paid a cent for any of it.  honest to goodness, in harper’s whole 2 1/2 years of life, i think i’ve bought clothes for her MAYBE 6 times…all i ever really buy is hair accessories, socks, and shoes (hardly ever).  i get SO excited every time hannah enters a new clothing size because i get to sort through everything and pick out a new wardrobe for harper (and laynie, eventually).  the only drawback is that i can’t ever take all the stuff that’s there because we don’t have the space…i have to sort through and only take what i know she’ll wear alot.
  • i am sooo excited for this trip because i’m STARVED for cool weather.  ideal conditions: jeans & short sleeves during the day with no sweat on my back (or anywhere else); jackets at night; harper’s cheeks pink from the wind (i know that’s a stretch).
  • the Lord worked on me today.  i can honestly and sincerely say right at this moment that i am thankful to live in a small house.  i think i’ve talked a little bit before about what a particular baby layne is…  when i put her down for a nap, i’m in and out at least three times until she falls asleep (putting the binky back in, adjusting her position, etc.).  going up and down the stairs today was not fun.  thus, my thankfullness that at home i only have to walk about 10 steps to her bed from wherever i am in the house.
  • man, just when i think i’m “in shape”, i come visit mom and dad and go for a run.  tallahassee has many hills and they always kick my butt.  i love it.
  • tonight we went and visited my grandma at her assisted living place.  it is SO precious to see how old people respond to seeing “young life”.  when those ladies see harper walk in, their faces absolutely light up.  then they saw laynie and 3 of them had to “run” over to get a closer look.  they were all so enamored and genuinely excited.  on a sad note, my grandma introduced me as her niece and couldn’t remember my name.  😦  she just had her 92nd birthday and is in relatively good health, but it’s sad to see her memory going.

2 Comments to “yet again”

  1. Katron – just caught up on the blog since I’ve been gone to Mexico, I love reading about your life!! Thanks for all the thoughts and pics and just great tid-bits that you write about! It’s so wonderful! Have fun in the cold weather 🙂

  2. As annoying as it is to have a smaller living space, just think, more space means more to keep clean! While Jamin was a baby, it was all I could do to at least keep my little house free from toys in the walkways.

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