the girls and i leave tomorrow for an 11-day trip to my brothers’ in missouri.  i’m not completely crazy: tomorrow we’re driving to my parents’ place in tallahassee, and then on friday all of us will load down the suburban and make the 13-hour trip to springfield.  layne’s gotten alot better in the car and harper always does great, so it shouldn’t be too bad of a drive.  anyway, the fact that i’m leaving for a trip got me thinking about how much i love to travel and that it doesn’t really matter where.  before i had kids i liked it more, but it’s just fun to get away and do something different and see new places.

here’s a list of 10 trips i’ve taken in the past 10 years, in order.  we’ve traveled more than this, but i’m not counting those times because they were to see family or weren’t very far away.

1) baltimore – PBA spring break 1999.  my first mission trip.  we ripped out the inside of a rowhouse for their habitat for humanity chapter and spent a day at meals on wheels.  it was a great time.

2) hawaii – summer ’99.  my dad flew us (the kids) out to meet he and mom in kauai.  they were already there for a convention for his work.  that is still one of the most memorable weeks of my life and hawaii is THE most beautiful place i’ve ever been.  i hope ryan and i can go back sometime and take our kids.

3) london – fall semester senior year 2000.  the most impacting 3 months of my life.  visited 13 countries with some of the best girlfriends i’ll ever have.

4) east coast tour – spring break senior year 2001.  ryan and i randomly decided to drive to new jersey to visit some friends.  i guess we just had nothing better to do and we knew we were only weeks away from “the real world”.  we drove to new jersey with a stop in D.C.  once we were in jersey we went to philadelphia one day and atlantic city one night.  surprisingly enough, i thought the cheese steaks were gross.

5) alaska – honeymoon, august 2002.  holland american cruise through the inside passage.  i had been on the same route once before with my family when i was about 12, but when you’re a pre-teen on a cruise, all you really care about is your tan…so, let’s just say i had a MUCH better time when i was 23.  we saw the salmon run, went mountain-biking, ate our weight in seafood and desserts and everything else, and spent 2 days in vancouver.  i couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon.

6) arizona – fall 2003.  berean freshman mission trip.  i was flattered and excited when i was asked to chaperone this trip.  we went to a small town in southern arizona.  i honestly can’t remember everything that we did, but i know that i formed some great relationships with the kids (and the adults).  it was a great experience.

7) ireland – spring break 2004.  one of our good friends, matt, was living there for work for a year.  we stayed with him for free and did some day-long trips during the day while he was working.  matt and ryan went surfing twice while i stood on the shore with my jaw on the ground.  when they got out, their fingers didn’t work and their mouths couldn’t form words, but i think that is still probably one of ryan’s favorite memories with matt.  we toured the guinness brewery in dublin…that was pretty cool.

8) san diego – fall 2004.  berean freshman mission trip #2.  again, i’m embarrassed to say that i can’t remember most of what we did.  but, man, san diego was amazing and we saw God do some really cool things in the lives of our kids and some of those we met.

9) grenada – fall 2005.  took this trip just after i found out i was pregnant with harper.  my friends hannah and kevin (who’d just left berean) were living there while kevin was in medical school.  my friend pat and i flew down to spend the week with them over fall break.  we had a great time: hiking to waterfalls, sunset on a sailboat, laying by the pool, snorkeling, etc.  i was such a fun trip and grenada is gorgeous!

10) las vegas – august 2007.  with ryan to celebrate our fifth anniversary.  harper stayed home with nana and we had a great 5 days of walking the strip, exploring all the casinos, eating amazing food, driving to the grand canyon, and just hanging out together.

bonus) the week after college graduation, some girlfriends and i all went on a cruise together in the bahamas.  there were 12 of us all together and it was a great time!


4 Comments to “wanderlust.”

  1. Wow…so on that cruise after college, ummm…did you jump on a different boat than your 12 friends? I don’t remember going to the Bahamas at all…but I do remember hanging out at the beach in Grand Cayman and pseudo getting kipnapped by a crazy Mexican while getting a scooter lesson in Mexico. Oh well…maybe you went on a different trip than the rest of us. 🙂

  2. Well, don’t expect your trip to Springfield to be quite as exciting as some of your others, but we’ll sure try to make it fun! At least you know there will be good company, and good food!

  3. Ha! I just read AP’s reply! I thought the same thing!

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